Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Things that happen when you go to the gym

More accurately, things that happened to me when I go to the gym. I don’t bloody know what happens to anyone else, I can scarcely believe I am doing what I’m doing.

I joined a new gym when we moved last year. Or more accurately a couple of months after we moved. Me, procrastinate? I was going a few times a week, enjoying it but not making any other changes.  Then the gym launched a challenge for the month of June- to do one each of their strength, flexibility and cardio classes, each week for four weeks. Not exactly climbing Everest. You could go the whole hog and get nutrition advice, cooking classes etc, but really, I know what to eat. I just eat about four times as much as I should. I cut out alcohol for the month of June as an extra-fun bonus, just to see if I could. June was a horrible month to start sobriety for me- end of financial year ain’t fun. But there is never a good time, and it really wasn't that hard. Those four weeks were enough to get me hooked, and to be fully sucked in to the strange, strange world of people who enjoy exercise. I also got a prize of a gym logo tshirt, and you can bet your bippy I wear that sucker all the time. To the gym obvs, because that is the place for activewear. 

  • You sleep better and you properly wake up 

My alarm goes off at 5.20am every morning for a 5.45am class. That’s weird. What’s weirder is that I rarely need it, I’m awake before then naturally. Awake and actually ready to go. No brain fog, no dreading getting out of bed. I look forward to it. That’s the weirdest.
Sure I‘m going to bed at an even more nanna-like hour than I normally did, but I sleep. And I’m rested. And surely nothing good happens after 9.30pm on a weeknight?

I now can’t imagine missing that extra hour of my day that I get. It’s like a bonus, a gift to myself and time when I can do something for myself. I have achieved something before I even get dressed for work and I don’t have to think about when I can exercise. It’s done, no excuses needed, nothing to come up in my day to stop me from working out or major hurdles that mean I just can't get to a night class.

  • Food gets digested ridiculously quickly

I am starving. STARVING. Tummy rumbling hungry. It's these times you need to be really, really prepared, at least mentally, because I would eat whatever is put in front of me. I don't have super strong cravings for anything anymore, but I just want all of the food, all of the time. 
  • Your brain works differently
The physical changes have been subtle but welcome. Far, far more important are the mental ones. I am nicer. Calmer. So much more focused  Nowhere near as much fazes me as it did before. If I can smash out TRX crunches, after not being able to even get my legs in the bloody things when I first started, I can do anything. Ha. Sort of. 

  • Your skin is the best. The best! 
So many people have commented on my skin lately. This old duck is loving it sick. I kind of forget what it's like to have any sort of problem with my skin, what a spoilt brat. Whether it's from eating slightly better, or the approximately 1700 litres of sweat, who knows. WHO CARES? 

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. I do about 500% more washing than I used to. It never ends. It stinks. It is annoying. But totally, totally worth it. If that's not #fitspo I don't know what is. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

It's 2017

You know it’s a new year when your voicemail tells you painstakingly slowly that a message was received in two… thousand… and…. six… teen… because listening to your messages on the first day back isn't painful enough, Optus has to drag out that pain a couple more seconds.
And just like that, the short break feeling has gone and I’m pretty close to wanting to throw my phone through a window again. Well, if us office workers had opening windows, and my phone wouldn't bounce off the glass back at me. I somehow got through that painful first week, where you think it's going to be really quiet, but in reality, everyone who is at work has been waiting for you to come back and pounce. Only 13 days, 9 of them working, til holidays.
In my standard tradition of getting a sudden burst of enthusiasm for this blog, which will die off around the 10th of January, I want to check in on the very loose, very random goals I set for myself for 2016. Most of them were a failure on paper, mainly because my focus shifted elsewhere. I started going to the gym. I became one of those people. I also got another dog. The one that looks like an absolute angel, but is actually the devil in French Bulldog form. She took up a lot of time. Totally worth every chewed skirting board and ripped lounge, she has brought so much fun into our house. 

Without using #goals, #newyearresolutions or #newyearnewme, these are the main things I want to do this year:

Stop multitasking. I am an absolute shocker at this. I’ll be looking up a policy wording and all of a sudden get the urge to check what gym classes I am booked in for for the week. While I walk to the office from the carpark I suddenly have to check the weather for the day, which I’ve already checked, and really is a bit late to do anything about, since I’m already at work. Right now while writing this I’ve toggled screens several times, and I’m thinking about logging in to online banking, which I do at least daily, to check my account balance. WHY? What good does this do me? Why does my mind wander like that? It’s because I am so bloody used to multitasking that my brain has to constantly search for something else to do, whatever it is doing. This has to stop. Multitasking is not a skill to be proud of any more. It means I can no longer maintain a train of thought, and I never remember anything because I just open my evernote app to write down whatever I’m thinking. Sure, this is handy at times, but I used to actually remember things. I want to remember things again.

Seriously think about further study. Last year, after some heavy conversations with my then-boss, I did a fair bit of research into doing an MBA. I have submitted applications to my favourite two Sydney schools. Is my heart in it 100%? No. should it be? I don’t know. After watching The Minimalist doco it’s definitely not. But is that me doing some self-sabotage, willing myself out of it? I don’t know. I am worried that level of study would mean not enough doggy time. Not enough gym time. But I also worry that I’m not doing enough.

Keep up at least 5 gym classes a week. I have been smashing it at the gym lately. No, really, let me brag some more. I'll probably do a long-winded post about this, but I actually love the gym. Not even kidding. It's been over 6 months now and I want to keep it up. 

Other stuff I want to tick off in 2017, in no particular order:
Yoga headstand 
Yoga bird of paradise- properly, no wobbles
Run 10kms

Use good things, stop 'saving' stuff for special occasions 

Stretch every day 

Vitamins every day 

Eat meat no more than once a week

Eat less chicken 

No engaging in online arguments, less time online in general
Takeaway once a week only, cook more at home 
Don't buy anything made in China, Taiwan etc 
Go overseas at least once
Wardrobe cull at the start of every new season 
Read every night

No biggie. 


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