Sunday, June 7, 2015

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I know I say this all the time but it's been a crazy few weeks. Trips to Melbourne and Perth, concerts and catch ups and a torn calf muscle. It doesn't feel like I'm home much at the moment, so when I am I want to just be home. Cuddling my gorgeous little ball of love, who is growing at a ridiculous rate.

It's a long weekend in Sydney, so after getting home exhausted from a week in Perth, I'm trying to balance out the friend catch ups with couch, cuddle and walk time. 
The view from my gorgeous hotel room at Crown Metropol in Melbourne. It was a grey old week when I was there for a conference, but I'm ok with that. I'm not a Sydney vs Melbourne person, I appreciate them both, but to me half the beauty of Melbourne is that it's often grey and bleak!
Crown Metropol was fantastic. Service, food (the breakfast!!) and comfort were top notch. Cannot say that for the rest of the Crown complex though. It was not a pleasant experience to walk through at 7am on a Tuesday morning after going for a walk.
The view from Little Creatures in Fremantle. I also stayed at Crown Metropol in Perth, and that's just a mini version of the Melbourne complex. It felt like stating in a Vegas hotel, and not in a good way. As in you enter, and can lap the whole place without seeing sunlight. Again not pleasant. The buffet breakfast there is worth going to. I caught up with my sister there who is living with Perth, even though I was absolutely exhausted (is it just me who gets jet lag going to Perth?) I was determined to YOLO the shit out of being away from my boy and do something every night there. Little Creatures is so pretty, we sat outside under a heater or seven. It would be even better on a lazy summer afternoon. We also went to Jamie's Italian in the city the night I got there. It's a continuation of the other Jamie venues, great fresh Italian food and of the minute decor. The service was pretty rubbish though. We were eating ridiculously early yet still got rushed the whole time. Not much annoys me more than a waiter who rushes you, but is nowhere to be found when you need something. The prices are also noticeably higher than Sydney. Basically everywhere I went, but especially here as I'd just been to Jamie's in Sydney. Lucky everyone's earning those big mining dollars eh? EH?
Back home to my boy, we made the most of a mild winter night and had burritos and beers outside. Seriously lucky to have places that let us take him nearby. Lots of pats were had, and he was an angel for his first dinner out. I had to practically force him to pose for this photo. Bad mother. 

When the weather has not been so mild I've been slow cooking up a storm. I bought this Breville contraption, after much indecision, and rate it really well so far. I've only just been brave enough to try the pressure cooker setting and it freaks me out a bit. This chicken was divine, but the skin just didn't go crispy which was a tad disappointing.  
After seeing my first true love, Daniel Johns, at the Opera House as part of Vivid a couple of weeks ago (seriously think yourself lucky I didn't post separately about this, it would just have been a lot of gushing), I outdid myself by going to another gig on Friday night. Carley of old would be cringing right now, the one that thought nothing of seeing a band every night of the week, sometimes running between two when schedules clashed. That Carley didn't have a torn calf muscle, a dog to get home to, and old lady knees to consider. 
Jebediah at the Metro were so, so, so good. They have forever been one of my favourite bands, my bestie and I have seen them countless times, and it's one of the few albums Mr C and I both adore equally. The Jebs sounded (and looked!!) better than they did 20 years ago. So. Much. Fun. Just joyful poppy punky rock. Good times. My body is feeling it today, so so much dancing. 

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