Monday, May 18, 2015

Recently 18.05.2015

I'm sitting in the Sydney Qantas club, telling you I'm in the Qantas club, like every wanker who has a sudden urge to call everyone in their phonbook, just to tell them, really loudly, that they're in the Qantas club. I've soent what feels like a lot of time in here lately. Time that I would rather be spending with Pascal, not bragging about the 'free' toasted sandwiches and beer. 
I'm in my way to Melbourne for a conference, which I will probably be really excited about once I stop thinking about those little brown eyes that just wanted another cuddle when I left today. I'm never normally at the airport in the middle of the day. It's usually me and a bunch of other suits here in the almost dark, rush rush rushing to our next meeting, knowing the Qantas club drill, eyes down and quiet. Today there are families, children, holiday makers, retirees. It's such a different vibe- and I'm wearing Vans!- I almost forget I'm travelling for work. Almost. 

Here's what I've been up to. 

Taking myself away from the hotel breakfast to laptop it up at the Newsroom cafe in Brisbane. 
Packing for a work trip is so strange when it's not suit attire. My conference is smart casual which I've had to think long and hard about when meeting new colleagues for the first time. Lucky pretty much everything I own is black, grey or denim. Well except for my toiletry bag. Must steal Mr C's grey one. 

Trying out the Maybelline Brow Drama I bought in the U.S. So far loving it more than Benefit Gimme Brow, which I didn't think I could love any harder. 
Slow cooking up a storm on the days I've been home and hibernating. Beef and eggplant stew and Mexican chicken. 

And finally a shot of my little darling not cooperating with walking. His little legs can only carry him so far, I'm more than happy to do the rest. 

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