Thursday, April 2, 2015


I am far, far too lazy to get FOMO, but it seems I have contracted a strong case of FOWO. The genuine and serious Fear Of Wearing Out. This morning, being a fake Friday with a public holiday tomorrow, was casual at work. I pretty much wear the same thing to work every casual Friday. Skinny black J Brands, a tshirt in white, black, or to really live on the edge, black and white stripes, boots or sneakers and a casual blazer. With my overseas purchases burning a hole in my wardrobe, I grabbed my new MBMJ denim jacket, still with the tags on. But then I hesitated. If I wore it today, it wouldn’t be new anymore. It would be worn. And isn’t half the fun of buying new clothes the thrill of having something fresh? Unworn with no memories, with so much potential fun to come, seems to be my favourite type of fashion. 
Now we’re not talking about a ball gown. No sequins, or beading, nothing silky or shiny. It’s a denim jacket. A piece I’ve been wanting to buy for ages, one that I imagined myself wearing whenever I got a chance. Then the chance came and I wavered. I didn’t want it to not be new anymore. 
Almost everything I bought overseas was ticked off a list. Practical, wardrobe staple pieces that I needed, as much as I can describe new clothing as a need. Nothing fancy or dressy, and nothing I hadn’t thought through. I expected a frenzy of buying, given I hadn’t shopped for ages, but it wasn’t at all. A combination of the dollar dropping and there just not being much that grabbed me. I really wanted a new handbag, sneakers, gym clothes and work clothes. I guess because of the little old internet, everything looked the same. And when I’m packing and unpacking every couple of days, checking in to flights and hotels, unless something really grabs me, it ain’t going in my suitcase. Yet I have pared my wardrobe down so much, it still looked like a lot when I unpacked. Given the sort of clothes I bought were only casual, my work wardrobe is now very underrepresented. 
So tonight, on the eve of a long long weekend, I am going to get the new stuff out, get rid of the tags and get over my FOWO once and for all. Oh, and get together a big pile of stuff destined for ebay. 
Side note: now Marc Jacobs has declared the end of MBMJ, maybe I shouldn’t have worn this investment item? 


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