Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The holiday is over baby

And it's never gonna be that way again. Or maybe it will. If the last few months have taught me anything it's to never say never. And that anything could be around the corner. I sure did not think I'd be going on a trip as big as this one in the foreseeable future. We had already done a couple of 'last hurrahs' and were more than happy with our quiet, simple life. But life took a (really shit) turn, and there we were. 

This was truly the best holiday I've ever had. We holidayed good. Budget be damned, we kinda went all out. Very unlike me, I didn't once think to pull up the reigns. That, coupled with the fact that we needed a break, needed to get away, meant it was a good one. It felt like we were away for ages, and did so much. It was a proper good break. The bank balance is a fair whack smaller and the waistline has expanded (thank you USA burgers), but it's more than worth it.

Everyone keeps asking me what my favourite part/ place was, but how could you pick? The whole of Mexico was everything I expected and so much more. Palm Springs was a postcard in every direction, and the abundance of cute gay boys and dogs meant I was in heaven. New York in the snow was like a dream, and you know you're having fun if minus 16 degrees can't take the smile off your face. But my meeting Justin Bieber in LA story is up there with the best! 

Life has been nothing short of mental since we got back. A bathroom renovation, possible redundancy, job interviews (and necessary panic suit buying), and most importantly confirmation a new puppy is coming. It's all happening and it's been the busiest week-and-a-bit ever. Deep breaths. 


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