Sunday, February 1, 2015

Packing for Meximerica

Because I'm a massive perve, I love seeing packing posts. Today I did about 67 loads of washing (Mr B kept 'finding' things that he wanted to take that weren't washed) and finished packing, as a Virgo this is far too close to our departure date! 

My place is absolute carnage at the moment. In preparation for renovations starting when we go, our bathroom is tile-less vanity-less and there is dust everywhere. Our builder came over today and we have to tweak a few things that aren't what I want. Deep breaths. 

I am taking this Crumpler bag that I got just before Christmas. I love love loved my last suitcase, that I'd had for nearly 10 years, but it just wouldn't survive another trip. This is a lot bigger than what I'm used to. I Waiver between thinking I'm overpacked to not having packed enough. I'm going to try not to panic and chuck 10 more things in as we leave for the airport. We'll be in the heat and the cold (oh the cold) but I've tried to take lots of layers. I'll need to buy some things along the way, but isn't that the point of holidays? There is so much room left over, so much that I'm scared my stuff will fly around in it. I somehow doubt this will be an issue coming home.

When it's written in a list it looks like a lot. This includes what I'm wearing on the plane.

  • Birkenstocks 
  • Havaianas 
  • Converse 
  • Bali sandals stud 
  • Nike runners 
  • Jack jac singlet charcoal 
  • Jack jac long sleeve button shirt charcoal 
  • Jack jac long sleeve tshirt grey marle 
  • Bassike tshirt grey stripe 
  • Bassike ls black 
  • Bassike ls stripe 
  • Topshop shirt chambray 
  • Uniqlo knit black
  • CR shirt white
  • Bonds jumper grey 
  • Awang singlet black 
  • Sass bide shirt leopard
  • Lee Matthews black
  • Bassike tshirt black 
  • J brand jeans black 
  • Levi's shorts denim 
  • Sportsgirl shorts black 
  • Sass Bide rats black 
  • J brand jeans blue
  • Patagonia puffer jacket black 
  • Tigerlily swimmers leopard 
  • Patagonia bikini top black 
  • Bikini bottoms black 
  • Cdg pouch 
  • Thurley hat 
  • Wool beanie grey 
  • Scarf leopard 
  • Headscarves 
  • Umbrella 
  • Stockings black x 3 
  • Turkish towels 
  • Torch 
  • Adapter
  • Umbrella
  • Charger gopro
  • Charger apple 

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