Sunday, January 4, 2015

A day in the Royal National Park

It's been a brilliant weekend. Sydney has really turned on the weather and we've had nothing on. A very rare combo indeed. In an effort to keep ourselves busy, and make Sunday nights a bit easier, we are attacking our list of things to do, things we'd never have done with Marcel. 

Saturday morning we took off nice and early, armed with coffee, for the Royal National Park. We are so lucky to be so close to it, it's truly one of the most stunning places in the world. We parked at the farm and headed for Era, Garie, Burning Palms, along the coastal walk. It was crazy hot at one stage and I was dripping with sweat, huffing and puffing. Much needed. Otherwise the weather was perfect and apart from the beaches we barely saw anyone. My Moves app said we walked 7.9kms. Given a lot of that was uphill, scrambling over rocks, hoisting ourselves up things, I reckon it was about 790kms. 

My tips for a day in the Nasho*:
- go early. If you're going for a long walk it's much better to not go in the heat of midday. Car parks fill up quickly in nice weather, and as Sydney gets more populated and the RNP becomes more popular, this will only get worse
- go in winter. I loved the sweat session yesterday in crazy Sydney humidity, but if you're not keen for that winter is a beautiful time in the park 
- don't be a dickhead. Yesterday I saw people hanging off cliffs for a photo op, getting caught in rips at Garie (where I'm hesitant to go out, and I'm a confident swimmer), generally losing their minds. Don't be like that
- be respectful of your surroundings. You're in a quiet, peaceful place, no one is there to hear your voice. Take your rubbish with you. Don't break shit
- go prepared. Water (lots of it), hat, sunscreen, basic first aid kit. People get hurt, conditions change. Wear proper shoes. Sure thongs look great, but aren't so good for climbing rocks. Take or wear your swimmers, there's nothing better than a dip when you've earned it.
- if you insist on cycling through the park (don't), for gods sake keep left! 

*when my Irish friend had relatives visiting, she took them to Bundeena for the day. When I mentioned the word 'Nasho' she thought I'd made it up. Once I convinced them it's commonly used, not just by me, they thought it hilarious but were probably concerned about the Aussie use of the English language. 

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