Thursday, January 29, 2015

Almost away

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On marriage advice

I'm sitting in my Brisbane hotel room, trying to muster the courage to return to the 7500% humidity outside to go for dinner. I've got a gross snotty, sore throated cold which is self inflicted from my big weekend, in which I had a friend's birthday. It was the best night, I'm still smiling thinking about it. It completely refreshed me, I laughed SO much. After various Oxford St establishments, said birthday ended up at Arq. It was a big night. Judge away... 
What's this got to do with marriage advice you ask? Well being in Brisbane today has been a great break from my work colleagues who have been giving me so much crap about my weekend. Because I'm married, I shouldn't be out with other men. Because I'm over whatever age is acceptable to be out on Oxford St on a Saturday night. Because a picture was posted to Facebook of me being kissed on the cheek by a hot guy. 
Leaving aside the fact that no matter how much I adore these men, they will never be interested in me, I just don't get it. I encourage Mr B to spend time without me, and in return I'd expect any hesitation from him if I said I was going out. He was umming and ahhing about coming, but in the end decided I'd have a lot more fun without him. He was right. He's not a dancer, he loves my friends but is more than happy to leave me to our debauchery, and will be there for me the next day when I whinge about my sore feet and whatever else hurts. We went out for dinner and then he dropped me off for the birthday. 
I am well aware that I am bloody lucky and not everyone has that trust. But because I have it, I'd never do anything to jeopardise it. I told my husband everything that happened on Saturday night (and Sunday morning...) he thought it was all hilarious and kept asking me to go on. If he wasn't horrified, why should anyone else be? 
Also, even though I'm away for less than 48 hours, I miss my husband. Is that weird, for a couple who have been together for 10 years? I don't know but I think it's surely a positive thing. When Marcel died I had a little niggle in the back of my mind that our marriage wouldn't be as great. Surely the loss of the best thing in our lives would have to have to have a negative impact on us? But it hasn't. At all. If anything we are stronger than ever. We have helped each other through the shit. My mum did say to me to be kind to each other. I didn't know exactly what she meant by that but it's so easy to take the shit stuff out on your partner. We haven't and I'm really proud of that. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A day in the Royal National Park

It's been a brilliant weekend. Sydney has really turned on the weather and we've had nothing on. A very rare combo indeed. In an effort to keep ourselves busy, and make Sunday nights a bit easier, we are attacking our list of things to do, things we'd never have done with Marcel. 

Saturday morning we took off nice and early, armed with coffee, for the Royal National Park. We are so lucky to be so close to it, it's truly one of the most stunning places in the world. We parked at the farm and headed for Era, Garie, Burning Palms, along the coastal walk. It was crazy hot at one stage and I was dripping with sweat, huffing and puffing. Much needed. Otherwise the weather was perfect and apart from the beaches we barely saw anyone. My Moves app said we walked 7.9kms. Given a lot of that was uphill, scrambling over rocks, hoisting ourselves up things, I reckon it was about 790kms. 

My tips for a day in the Nasho*:
- go early. If you're going for a long walk it's much better to not go in the heat of midday. Car parks fill up quickly in nice weather, and as Sydney gets more populated and the RNP becomes more popular, this will only get worse
- go in winter. I loved the sweat session yesterday in crazy Sydney humidity, but if you're not keen for that winter is a beautiful time in the park 
- don't be a dickhead. Yesterday I saw people hanging off cliffs for a photo op, getting caught in rips at Garie (where I'm hesitant to go out, and I'm a confident swimmer), generally losing their minds. Don't be like that
- be respectful of your surroundings. You're in a quiet, peaceful place, no one is there to hear your voice. Take your rubbish with you. Don't break shit
- go prepared. Water (lots of it), hat, sunscreen, basic first aid kit. People get hurt, conditions change. Wear proper shoes. Sure thongs look great, but aren't so good for climbing rocks. Take or wear your swimmers, there's nothing better than a dip when you've earned it.
- if you insist on cycling through the park (don't), for gods sake keep left! 

*when my Irish friend had relatives visiting, she took them to Bundeena for the day. When I mentioned the word 'Nasho' she thought I'd made it up. Once I convinced them it's commonly used, not just by me, they thought it hilarious but were probably concerned about the Aussie use of the English language. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

The new New Year's Day

If New Year's Day is the new New Year's Eve, the 2nd of January must be the new 1st, and the day the obligatory 2015 blog post is written. Right? 

Since I spent most of the day horizontal, blogging just wasn't happening anyway. I wasn't hungover much (I swear! Unlike my husband...) I just felt really blah. I expected to be upset on New Year's Eve but I was fine. A night that was supposed to be quietish turned out to be anything but, as those nights tend to do. We left our bbq to crash a house down the road, and those parents showed us how to party! I had to sneak out, I just couldn't keep up. Good times, even though we ended up crashing in the back of Mr B's car to get some peace and quiet. 

NYD was the day I kind of hit a wall and just didn't want to play any more.

To get me out of my funk I set off for a walk/ run (I still can't call myself a runnerA) around lunch time today and was loving life. A nice breeze, not too many people around. Then I turned around the point and felt like I entered a bath, it was that humid without a breeze. By the time I got home I was literally dripping in sweat. GOOD! Much needed and I felt a hundred times better for it. This afternoon I headed to Surry Hills to catch up with an old friend who is in town. I walked away feeling lighter again. As cliched as it is, it's the ones that just get you that you should hang on tight to. 

Don't worry about my day being too healthy. Despite turning down Messina twice today, I still managed to have gelato. I think our local place is better than Messina anyway, but don't tell anyone. 


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