Monday, September 1, 2014

Zimmermann sale goodies just in time for spring

One cannot simply drive past the Zimmermann sale, on a rainy Saturday with parking right out the front. And one cannot walk away empty handed, despite not 'needing' anything. 
I couldn't go past this stunning royal blue one piece. Colour. Shocking. But I feel like this colour will be a great injection. 
The paisley print cotton beach pants will be a welcome addition in summer, and hopefully get me out of my beach kaftan/ muumuu/ potato sack rut that I always fall into when the weather warms up and I can't be bothered putting anything else over my cozzies.  
The playsuit is a gift for my friend's daughter. She always gets a present from Zimmermann because their little girls' clothes are to die for, super cheap on sale, and don't look good on Marcel. 
I love that Zimmermann always have sales including goodies for the upciming season, and always great swimwear.  The torrential rain  that we've had over the past few weeks in Sydney,and the fact that it was freezing clearly didn't stop me. 
I've never paid full price for a Zimmermann swimsuit (well, I rarely pay full price for much), and for someone like me who does a lot in my swimmers, I could never justify paying $300. Imagine me smacking onto my paddle board in a $300 bikini... These three pieces totalled $150. Totes bargain. 

Sydney must have agreed with my purchases because boy did she turn on the weather yesterday. After the beach walk being a ghost town (apart from us, still out with Marcel) for the past few weeks, it was as though everyone in Sydney was out and about on Sunday. As much as I can't wait for the warmth, I'll really miss the quiet. 


  1. LOVE your Zimmermann purchases! Is this at the outlet or just a normal store?

    1. At the outlet in Rosebery. Serious bargains! Shoes were $50 but nothing fit my clod hopper feet :(



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