Thursday, September 11, 2014

To Cara?

If I said things like ‘first world problem,’ this is how I’d describe my current dilemma. Then I’d put it on the ‘bucket list’ I don’t have. Amazeballs.

Anyway… I don’t know what I want for my birthday. I’ve been racking my brain, spending ridiculous amounts of time browsing Matches and NAP. Nothing. Lots of stuff I like, feel ‘meh’ about, lots of stuff I’d be happy to have, but nothing has grabbed me in that MUST HAVE IT way. Apart from a Cara Delevigne Mulberry bag, but 1800 pounds for a MINI camo backpack? Bitch please. $3k for something that is super pretty, but does not exactly suit my lifestyle.
Therein lies another FWP (I can’t even write the full term). Everything I love is not suited to someone working in a corporate role, isn’t aiming to have my ‘street style’ pic taken, isn’t a 19 year old model, and whose idea of a big night is staying up until 11pm watching more than one ep of House of Cards. There are only so many designer bags one needs for a night on the couch with their dog...

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