Friday, September 5, 2014

Recently 5.9.2014

Just realised this post has been sitting in my drafts for OVER A MONTH. It's October, people. You have my permission to freak out. 

Things have been relatively quiet around these parts. We were basically in hibernation mode with the weather, even Marcel was happy to miss a few walks!
Here's what's been happening:

The search for Sydney's best gyros continues. This one is from Gyradiko in Bexley. I've heard mega raves about this one and was desperate to get there. I didn't rate it unfortunately. No charcoal cooking, kebab rotisserie only. Minus points. Also so disorganised. I had no idea how the pay/ order system worked and it was chaos at the counter. 

The culling continues. My wardrobe has reached the point where I'm noticing big gaps and a definite lack of fill. Because I have a few things I want I won't be able to buy anything, you know how it goes. 
I went to see Courtney Love at the Enmore. I had very, very, very low expectations of my teenage dream goddess legend, but was pleasantly surprised. She still sounds ace. Her guitar skills were.. lacking... there wasn't actually any difference when she stopped playing (which was often). It was worth going just for her comedy, she's seriously hilarious, and really seemed like she wanted to be there. Much more than I can say for others in the game for 20+ years. In love with her more than ever and cannot WAIT for her Sons of Anarchy appearance. 
I went to the newly reopened Annandale for brunch. Two words: don't bother. Coffee and food was very, very average at best. So oily, I felt a bit ill all afternoon. The place looks great so it's a shame I won't be going back. 
And finally, a 'Marcel sleeping in the sun on his Ikea mat' shot. 

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