Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hair chronicles- RIP mane

Well I finally did it, I went the big chop. When my hair touched the waistband of my pants, I had achieved my life goal and now have no direction in life. Kidding. Sort of. 
In all seriousness my hair was disgusting. People were always shocked when I said this and seemed to think it looked healthy. Ha. They should have tried unravelling it after a swim. Super single dreadlock come at me. 

It seemed to remain in ok condition for ages because it was dark, it's soooo much easier to grow hair when it's not lightened at all. Keeping it so dark was hard work though, I had constant light regrowth. Attractive. Every now and then I'd whack some coconut oil in it, but that was about it. Being too lazy to heat style it very often probably also helped. 

I can't believe I waited so long to do it, even though I loved playing with my mane I feel a thousand times better. Life is easier. Grand statement yes, but true. The other night I was procrastinating about washing my hair (which I always did at night, it was all too hard in the morning, or it ended up wet all day). I had an epiphany and realised I didn't have to and could wash it before work. AMAZING. My hair also now fits into one of those hair towel things, without getting all tangled. AND no more getting caught in car doors. What's not to love? RIP mane!

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