Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A day in the Gong

Burgers, op shopping, beach gazing, coffeeing. What could be better on a drizzly Saturday? 

My husband loves burgers, there is no doubt about it. So being the ace wife that I am, we took off south to Wollongong on Saturday on a burger pilgrimage to try His Boy Elroy

Wollongong has changed since I went to uni there. A lot. The demographic back then was, shall we say, undesirable, and you didn't really want to be out after dark. The streets were mostly drunk uni students and meth addicts. We managed to spy a few of those, and I'd have been disappointed if we didn't, but there is so much happening down there these days. Globe Lane looks like it's going to be the place to be. 

Now, the burgers. So much hype about them, in the media and word of mouth, but I'm sad to say I wasn't sold. The patty was really thick and the pickles were pretty tasteless. They're nice, don't get me wrong, but no way are they in the top 11 burgers in Oz. Not a chance. 
Another Gong place we had to try was Diggies. We made a poor attempt at walking off our lunch before we stopped pretending. A gorgeous spot in North Gong, there were lots of tables of excited girls talking really loudly about juice cleanses and going sugar-free, and lots of waitresses who seemed really... distracted. Service was super slow, but we didn't mind because we had nowhere to be, and it was lovely people watching, my favourite activity. Coffee was fantastic, and given how quickly Mr B demolished the brownie and carrot cake, the cakes were too. A fantastic spot for a long, leisurely lunch, sitting there made me really want a glass of wine. 
No mini road trip is complete without an op shop. Surfing books for Mr B and an akubra- style hat for me. Fits my big noggin perfectly. Not bad for under $10 and 10 minutes. 
Creeping in the mirrors...
Thanks for the 'assistants'


  1. My friend used to live in 'Gong and traveled to Sydney to work every frigging day. She always told me that I needed to visit. Maybe I Just need to ask for assistants.



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