Thursday, September 11, 2014

To Cara?

If I said things like ‘first world problem,’ this is how I’d describe my current dilemma. Then I’d put it on the ‘bucket list’ I don’t have. Amazeballs.

Anyway… I don’t know what I want for my birthday. I’ve been racking my brain, spending ridiculous amounts of time browsing Matches and NAP. Nothing. Lots of stuff I like, feel ‘meh’ about, lots of stuff I’d be happy to have, but nothing has grabbed me in that MUST HAVE IT way. Apart from a Cara Delevigne Mulberry bag, but 1800 pounds for a MINI camo backpack? Bitch please. $3k for something that is super pretty, but does not exactly suit my lifestyle.
Therein lies another FWP (I can’t even write the full term). Everything I love is not suited to someone working in a corporate role, isn’t aiming to have my ‘street style’ pic taken, isn’t a 19 year old model, and whose idea of a big night is staying up until 11pm watching more than one ep of House of Cards. There are only so many designer bags one needs for a night on the couch with their dog...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A day in the Gong

Burgers, op shopping, beach gazing, coffeeing. What could be better on a drizzly Saturday? 

My husband loves burgers, there is no doubt about it. So being the ace wife that I am, we took off south to Wollongong on Saturday on a burger pilgrimage to try His Boy Elroy

Wollongong has changed since I went to uni there. A lot. The demographic back then was, shall we say, undesirable, and you didn't really want to be out after dark. The streets were mostly drunk uni students and meth addicts. We managed to spy a few of those, and I'd have been disappointed if we didn't, but there is so much happening down there these days. Globe Lane looks like it's going to be the place to be. 

Now, the burgers. So much hype about them, in the media and word of mouth, but I'm sad to say I wasn't sold. The patty was really thick and the pickles were pretty tasteless. They're nice, don't get me wrong, but no way are they in the top 11 burgers in Oz. Not a chance. 
Another Gong place we had to try was Diggies. We made a poor attempt at walking off our lunch before we stopped pretending. A gorgeous spot in North Gong, there were lots of tables of excited girls talking really loudly about juice cleanses and going sugar-free, and lots of waitresses who seemed really... distracted. Service was super slow, but we didn't mind because we had nowhere to be, and it was lovely people watching, my favourite activity. Coffee was fantastic, and given how quickly Mr B demolished the brownie and carrot cake, the cakes were too. A fantastic spot for a long, leisurely lunch, sitting there made me really want a glass of wine. 
No mini road trip is complete without an op shop. Surfing books for Mr B and an akubra- style hat for me. Fits my big noggin perfectly. Not bad for under $10 and 10 minutes. 
Creeping in the mirrors...
Thanks for the 'assistants'

Friday, September 5, 2014

Recently 5.9.2014

Just realised this post has been sitting in my drafts for OVER A MONTH. It's October, people. You have my permission to freak out. 

Things have been relatively quiet around these parts. We were basically in hibernation mode with the weather, even Marcel was happy to miss a few walks!
Here's what's been happening:

The search for Sydney's best gyros continues. This one is from Gyradiko in Bexley. I've heard mega raves about this one and was desperate to get there. I didn't rate it unfortunately. No charcoal cooking, kebab rotisserie only. Minus points. Also so disorganised. I had no idea how the pay/ order system worked and it was chaos at the counter. 

The culling continues. My wardrobe has reached the point where I'm noticing big gaps and a definite lack of fill. Because I have a few things I want I won't be able to buy anything, you know how it goes. 
I went to see Courtney Love at the Enmore. I had very, very, very low expectations of my teenage dream goddess legend, but was pleasantly surprised. She still sounds ace. Her guitar skills were.. lacking... there wasn't actually any difference when she stopped playing (which was often). It was worth going just for her comedy, she's seriously hilarious, and really seemed like she wanted to be there. Much more than I can say for others in the game for 20+ years. In love with her more than ever and cannot WAIT for her Sons of Anarchy appearance. 
I went to the newly reopened Annandale for brunch. Two words: don't bother. Coffee and food was very, very average at best. So oily, I felt a bit ill all afternoon. The place looks great so it's a shame I won't be going back. 
And finally, a 'Marcel sleeping in the sun on his Ikea mat' shot. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hair chronicles- RIP mane

Well I finally did it, I went the big chop. When my hair touched the waistband of my pants, I had achieved my life goal and now have no direction in life. Kidding. Sort of. 
In all seriousness my hair was disgusting. People were always shocked when I said this and seemed to think it looked healthy. Ha. They should have tried unravelling it after a swim. Super single dreadlock come at me. 

It seemed to remain in ok condition for ages because it was dark, it's soooo much easier to grow hair when it's not lightened at all. Keeping it so dark was hard work though, I had constant light regrowth. Attractive. Every now and then I'd whack some coconut oil in it, but that was about it. Being too lazy to heat style it very often probably also helped. 

I can't believe I waited so long to do it, even though I loved playing with my mane I feel a thousand times better. Life is easier. Grand statement yes, but true. The other night I was procrastinating about washing my hair (which I always did at night, it was all too hard in the morning, or it ended up wet all day). I had an epiphany and realised I didn't have to and could wash it before work. AMAZING. My hair also now fits into one of those hair towel things, without getting all tangled. AND no more getting caught in car doors. What's not to love? RIP mane!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Zimmermann sale goodies just in time for spring

One cannot simply drive past the Zimmermann sale, on a rainy Saturday with parking right out the front. And one cannot walk away empty handed, despite not 'needing' anything. 
I couldn't go past this stunning royal blue one piece. Colour. Shocking. But I feel like this colour will be a great injection. 
The paisley print cotton beach pants will be a welcome addition in summer, and hopefully get me out of my beach kaftan/ muumuu/ potato sack rut that I always fall into when the weather warms up and I can't be bothered putting anything else over my cozzies.  
The playsuit is a gift for my friend's daughter. She always gets a present from Zimmermann because their little girls' clothes are to die for, super cheap on sale, and don't look good on Marcel. 
I love that Zimmermann always have sales including goodies for the upciming season, and always great swimwear.  The torrential rain  that we've had over the past few weeks in Sydney,and the fact that it was freezing clearly didn't stop me. 
I've never paid full price for a Zimmermann swimsuit (well, I rarely pay full price for much), and for someone like me who does a lot in my swimmers, I could never justify paying $300. Imagine me smacking onto my paddle board in a $300 bikini... These three pieces totalled $150. Totes bargain. 

Sydney must have agreed with my purchases because boy did she turn on the weather yesterday. After the beach walk being a ghost town (apart from us, still out with Marcel) for the past few weeks, it was as though everyone in Sydney was out and about on Sunday. As much as I can't wait for the warmth, I'll really miss the quiet. 


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