Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Money money money

Yesterday I left my wallet at home. Quelle horror. I realised as I pulled in to the coffee shop. I managed to scrounge together coffee money from coins in my car I didn’t know where there. Thank you, mysterious change gods.

I had a full on day in the office, nothing unusual there, but I’ve also been doing a jewellery course on Tuesday nights (more on that later). Out of the house from 7am til at least 10pm with no wallet? Yikes. Putting on my new positive thinking hat, I figured I could face this as a challenge rather than a ‘woe is me, today is going to be the worst,’ like I might usually do. I had my lunch with me, I work in an office with access to coffee, tea, water, biscuits (including evil, evil Cheds that I had banned myself from eating) and I have a draw full of things like tuna that I usually ignore for the glory of Cheesymite scrolls. And let’s face it, I’m not exactly withering away from starvation. This is not to say I wasn't  going to miss my About Life wrap and salad for dinner, that usually comes in at around $652.35. Sad face.

Having no wallet and not being able to mindlessly pop over to the shops next to my work, which are actually pretty terrible and do not deserve one cent of my hard earned, was liberating. It reminded me of the times when Mr B and I were hardcore saving, in a galaxy not all that long ago. Ways of going about things that had people laughing and talking about us, both to our faces and behind our backs. To say we’re ahead of those people in the ‘game’ (as some people clearly see life as) is an understatement. I’m not gloating and I’m certainly not saying I'm any better than them, but I’d choose the position I’m in over them any day. Laugh at that, dudes. 

Property purchases, pay rises, income creep, life, all that has led to us being very different with money than we used to. Me especially. We are definitely not out there throwing Monday around on dumb, wasteful rubbish, but we can sure reign things in a bit. Perhaps somewhere between our old ways and our current ones. Let's do this. 

Please note I do not condone Jordan Belfort's behaviour, he's a crook who continues to sell snake oil to naive people looking to get rich quick. Bloody great movie though. 


  1. So many thoughts....

    Tell me about this jewelry course
    A wrap and salad for $300 odd??
    Your note reminded me that I started watching this movie and haven't finished it!!

    1. Ha was slightly exaggerating, they just always cost me heaps for some reason?

      Course is at Sydney Community College in Rozelle. I'm only on my second week and I'm really bad at it.

  2. Oh i'm always feeling povo.. I think blogs should discuss more ways to save not more things they bought. I'm a hypocrite I know...

  3. I really liked this post too!! And it does indeed feel liberating.

    For some reason people think I spend ridiculous amounts of money but I actually dont (even J thought this when we were first together!) My lunches are seriously no more than $3 and I dont spend money if I dont have to. However, I used to live in a 3rd country at 19 and that shaped a lot about how much we spend on a day to day basis on stuff that doesn't even improve our life. My South Aftrica trip probably reinforced the whole notion of it too.

    Not to say I dont spend money (I am human after all LOL) but when I do, it feels more like a special occasion, rather than it feeling like the "norm" Just like how BAD food taste good when you have been eating healthy for a while.. Does that make sense? lol

    Youll have to tell us about this Jewelery Course though? I'm intrigued.

    - KK x



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