Sunday, July 27, 2014

Recently 27.7.2014

Well praise baby Jesus that EOFY is over. Despite a well-timed trip to Brisbane on the last weekend in June for the Broncos match I just HAD to attend in work's box, it was still mental. I am finally coming up for air, and can manage to make it past 8:30 without passing out on the couch. 
Every year I get into this terrible routine of no exercise, bad eating and general blahness. This week I have one more trip to Brisvegas, then things can return to relative normality work-wise. Just in time for performance reviews. LOLZ!
I'm currently sitting on my couch with Marcel, listening to Splendour in Triple J. I'm half wishing I was there, half glad I'm clean and dry, have toilets I don't have to line up for, and not touching anyone, ha! 

I had planned on a bush walk yesterday, but Mother Nature didn't cooperate. Instead we went to the Dendy to see All This Mayhem, a movie based on the Melbourne skating scene in the 90s and the Pappas brothers. Regardless of your interest in skating its a fantastic movie, I don't think I've seen a Hopscotch film I haven't loved. 
A Mary's burger rounded out our day, cannot stop thinking about it mmmmm. Would include a photo, but it's so freaking dark in there you can barely see the table. 
How was the Sydney weather this weekend? From freezing rain to gorgeous sunshine in just hours, am I in Melbourne?? Rainy coffees, where we just had to sit and wait out the weather. 
The view from the Coledale SLSC car park. We drove down there to the markets for olive oil. Yep, that's my husband. 
Marcel helped his dad put our new bed together, a great supervisor. He loves it because he can run straight under it, it's so high.
A mid week makeup delivery never hurt anyone. I'm obsessed with the Benefit Gimme Brow, but the price is ridiculous for the size. After finding out the US site delivers to Australia for free (for orders over $125, easy done) I was sold. Soz Oz prices, it's not me it's you!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I sense a pattern of me returning from holidays and not wanting to post about them. It seems to reinforce the depression. But I'm ready to talk about my week in the sun now, doctor. 

My goal for this holiday was to do as little as possible whilst eating as much Indonesian food as possible. Failed on both accous. The days seemed so long, strange for holidays, and I saw every sunrise of the trip. I spent a lot of time walking around by myself just exploring and walking, sometimes with no idea where I'd end up. There's not much I love more than the smells (oh the smells) and the people of the Balinese streets and I got hours of them every day. 

I also wanted to avoid the Sydneysider trail of restaurants and caf├ęs that everyone goes to, which I did to some degree of success. Some are impossible to avoid, and they are mostly fantastic. We did go to Ku De Ta almost very day, because it was the perfect meeting spot and I'd rather pay for a drink there and sit on their lounges for free, than pay for a vinyl beach lounge. The oldies loved it, and I was more than happy to go with the flow. 
My appetite seemed to disappear, beyond strange for holidays, and I was lucky to eat two meals a day, let alone the second breakfasts, snacks and pre dinner dinner I normally cram into trips. So much gado gado missed opportunity.

We stayed in gorgeous accommodation, a completely private, very Balinese villa with gorgeous furniture, a huge pool, super lush gardens, but enough luxury to make it a relaxing stay. With our group's ages ranging from 5 to 70, everyone loved it. 


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