Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Checking in

It's been a while. 
I'm in awe of successful, busy bloggers who find time to constantly get their thoughts down. No excuses from me, I just don't dedicate the time. This is my first time trying to write something somewhat lengthy on the ipad that Santa bought me for Christmas, go me, it's like  the future.  
We spent the Easter/ Anzac Day double long weekend break in Melbourne. Despite my fury at the constant stream of Instagram/ facey photos of Sydney's glorious sunshine while we shivered through 'mild'  arctic Victorian weather, we had a great time. Eating, shopping, family time and more eating. We did all casual eating, just wasn't in the mood for anything sit down fancy. Craving comfort food in the cold, I'll keep telling myself that. We loved Jimmy Grants, and all the burgers all the time. Loved Melbs but something needs to be done about that temperature!
In more great weather news, I'm off to Bali on Thursday to escape Sydney winter for a while. Sydney winter that's predicted to hit 26 degree on the weekend...  Bring on the poolside cocktails and nasi goring erry damn day. I got my hair did this week, a fair bit lighter and ashier. Just in time to get destroyed by Bali!
I'll leave you with this phenomenal image. Me as a Chola, all ready for my friends' Mexican themed hens on the weekend. Was quite worried my eyebrows would never be the same, but it was my hair that turned out to be the punish. Three washes and I still had a semi-quiff...


  1. Go you! I don't know how busy bloggers do it either... especially those that have regular jobs as well. My excuse for not blogging all of the time is that I dedicate too much time to being lazy...

  2. Bali!! You're going to have loads of fun. Pics/blogpost when you're back?

    Totally hear ya about not having enough time and neglecting le olde blog. I'm feeling the same at the moment, my blog is just not getting enough love. How to fix this?



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