Sunday, March 16, 2014

Huskisson weekend away

A few weekends ago we had no choice but to go away for a weekend. I know, this is the beginning of a tragic tale. Our floors were getting stained and it was just all too hard to keep Marcel at home, so off we went to Huskisson. 

I spent most of my childhood holidays camping on the south coast of NSW, and lots of teenage weekends away to holiday houses. Recently we have always gone on road trips north (miss you Byron Bay). Given we only had a Friday and a Monday off work we headed south for a few nights. 
Again it was really easy to find pet friendly accommodation, we chose a cute little bungalow, a granny flat type place behind the lovely host couple's home. It was a few minute's walk to Huskisson town, and a beach was at the end of the street. I am a massive princess when I'm booking the location of a holiday place, since we live a couple of minute walk away from the water at home, what's the point of being further away when I'm 

Given we had plans to do a whole lot of nothing we weren't too fused on the weather, but we were blessed with some amazing days for the last weekend of summer. The beaches in this part of the south coast are some of the most amazing in the world and we were so lucky to have barely anyone else to share them with. 

The weekend consisted of eating, op shopping the excellent south coast stores, snorkelling (til I saw a sting ray, screamed and got straight out), swimming, eating, walking Marcel around town and the surrounding beaches, and some more eating. We will definitely be back Huskisson! 


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