Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reminiscing. 2013 becomes February 2014

It's 2014. It's FEBRUARY 2014. Holy shit. Insert life affirming quote here. 

The past few weekends I’ve been dedicating time to sorting out the stuff I left at my dad’s when I moved out, finally. 2013 was absolutely the year of the cull. We're lucky we still have forks to eat off. 
This type of culling was so much slower than anything else I’ve done this year, mainly because I’ve spent some time reminiscing on what I’m seeing. Good and bad memories were triggered, things that had not even crossed my mind in 10+ years. My last year of school, schoolies in Bali (and wondering how we survived the debauchery that was), countless 21sts, lots and lots and of gigs music festivals, gross ex boyfriends. It really hit home just how fast time flies, and all the clichés that you roll your eyes at when your age starts with a ‘1’ become more and more painfully true when it doesn’t.
I whittled down concert tickets, signed uniforms, pub coasters, lanyards, alcohol merchandise (WHY did I keep all that junk?),  and classroom letters to one shoe boxed size set of memories. I reduced albums and albums of meticulously put together and captioned photos into another. Imagine if I had dedicated that time to something useful, considering I still looked at pictures thinking 'who the hell is that?' about random dudes. Goodbye sickening ex boyfriend photos!
I am loathe to make goals, let alone resolutions this year, as I just want to simplify, simplify, simplify. In that regard, 2014 is off to a great start.

Can I just say, I was loving myself sick in these old photos!


  1. LOL CARLY! Look at you! Adorable!!

    This type of culling takes me ages too, but it really is the fun type of cuilling since you go through so many memories.

    Good luck for your 2014! (When I wrote 4 the $ came up, so maybe you will be lucky with money? hahaha)

    - KK

  2. Ex boyfriends... Shudder. I recently tore up photos of and cards from my long term ex. It felt so good.
    Otherwise I'm not like you yet. I have to cull and then re-cull until I'm happy with the quantum of the remnants.



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