Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beauty: January empties

I can barely believe I'm writing this post, January is already over. Ridic.
A bit late but gee whiz I've had a lot on lately. I got home from a Brisvegas work trip late last night and so finished up early today so I could cuddle Marcel, drink some wine, and possibly lay prone in a bath later on. 

Cedel Dry Shampoo for dark hair
Holy grail dry shampoo. Have already purchased again

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
Already purchased this again as well. Love the new red top packaging. My go to daily foundation with MAC for night time full coverage. Just love it. 
Vaseline Total Moisture Dry Skin 
meh. Zero to report. Won't buy again. 

Biore Daily Detoxidy Scrub
meh again
Soz for the sideways photo. Whatevs, blogger you poo bum.

Lacura Skin Science Wrinkle Stop
Doesn't this look all technical in its syringe packaging? A total peer pressure buy from Aldi. Everyone else in the world besides me had seen this on Today Tonight so we did an excursion to Aldi where I felt compelled to buy one. No idea what it was meant to do but it wasn't bad. 

Sukin Organic Rose Hip Oil
Lovely product but I'll probably stick with Trilogy in future. 

1 comment:

  1. I love healthy mix foundation, so lovely for the price. Will try the cedel dry shampoo based on your recommendation.



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