Monday, February 24, 2014

Beauty: Cheap Essence thrills

I've been a really, really good girl with not buying makeup. You should have seen me strut out of Priceline in all kinds of smugness without the hair freebie bag. But when a lady at work started raving (and I mean raving) about the Essence mascara, and I needed a new mascara, off I went. I've been pretty loyal to Maybelline mascaras since I started my beauty culling mission but was willing to give it a try at a massive $4.95. All I knew was it was in a pink tube and was meant to be amazing. IT IS! I seriously felt like I was wearing falsies when I first put it on. It does come out a big gloopy, but a simple wipe off of a bit of product works a treat. 

Since my pink holy grail discovery I've bought a few more Essence goodies. Not one over $5!
The 16h 'stays no matter what' is probably the best eyeliner I've ever used. Super easy to apply. I always rub my eyes a lot, especially since I started wearing glasses, but it doesn't budge. 
These nail polishes were under $2, I bought the red to touch up a chip in the mani I had, and couldn't resist the bronze as well. I have just done a big chuck of nail polishes that have gone gloopy so definitely had the room. 
I was in need of a new BB cream for my upcoming weekend away (don't judge) so can't wait to try this one out. $3 something. Insane!
 I feel another Priceline ban coming along...

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  1. Let us know how the BB cream goes! I have one Essence nail polish and no complaints at all. Got it for one dollah. Best.



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