Monday, February 24, 2014

Beauty: Cheap Essence thrills

I've been a really, really good girl with not buying makeup. You should have seen me strut out of Priceline in all kinds of smugness without the hair freebie bag. But when a lady at work started raving (and I mean raving) about the Essence mascara, and I needed a new mascara, off I went. I've been pretty loyal to Maybelline mascaras since I started my beauty culling mission but was willing to give it a try at a massive $4.95. All I knew was it was in a pink tube and was meant to be amazing. IT IS! I seriously felt like I was wearing falsies when I first put it on. It does come out a big gloopy, but a simple wipe off of a bit of product works a treat. 

Since my pink holy grail discovery I've bought a few more Essence goodies. Not one over $5!
The 16h 'stays no matter what' is probably the best eyeliner I've ever used. Super easy to apply. I always rub my eyes a lot, especially since I started wearing glasses, but it doesn't budge. 
These nail polishes were under $2, I bought the red to touch up a chip in the mani I had, and couldn't resist the bronze as well. I have just done a big chuck of nail polishes that have gone gloopy so definitely had the room. 
I was in need of a new BB cream for my upcoming weekend away (don't judge) so can't wait to try this one out. $3 something. Insane!
 I feel another Priceline ban coming along...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Recently 15.02.2014

Not actually that recently, due to my slackness. But here goes:

Because I'm the most fantastic wife in the cosmos, Mr B and I hit up a surf movie, Spirit of Akasha, 40 years on from Morning of the Earth. It was nowhere near as batshit boring as I'd thought. The footage of Stephanie Gilmore surfing is mesmerising, she is absolutely the highlight of the film and I could have watched her for hours. 
At our excellent local movies there were about 10 people in the whole theatre. A group of old dudes, a group of young punks, and us. 
Mr B and I hit up a bushwalk not too far from us. Perfect day for it and I really needed a big sweaty, head clearing walk. Mr B took us completely the wrong way, on purpose, into the bush, with me doing lots of complaining. A swim at the pool at the bottom of the ridge stopped me whingeing, and it was an easy climb back out. Bless him and his patient ways. 

The girls and I hit up the Sydney Big Day Out. It was a super fun day, as should any day out with your girlfriends be, but what a sad indication of the state of the Australian festival scene. The 16 year old me who camped overnight for Pearl Jam tickets would have loved how easy it was to pop right up the front to see Eddie Vedder, but it just left me feeling so depressed. 
Arcade Fire and The Hives were what we were there for, and they both delivered. Worth going for those two top notch acts, but it was a ghost of the Big Day Out past. The whole day was a shambles. It was laughable how badly it was produced, we weren't sure if they were taking the piss or they gave up trying/ caring. We discussed that we were lucky to have been at the prime BDOs, but I couldn't help feeling old/ past it/ irrelevant, and also angry at the youth of today. RIP Big Day Out!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reminiscing. 2013 becomes February 2014

It's 2014. It's FEBRUARY 2014. Holy shit. Insert life affirming quote here. 

The past few weekends I’ve been dedicating time to sorting out the stuff I left at my dad’s when I moved out, finally. 2013 was absolutely the year of the cull. We're lucky we still have forks to eat off. 
This type of culling was so much slower than anything else I’ve done this year, mainly because I’ve spent some time reminiscing on what I’m seeing. Good and bad memories were triggered, things that had not even crossed my mind in 10+ years. My last year of school, schoolies in Bali (and wondering how we survived the debauchery that was), countless 21sts, lots and lots and of gigs music festivals, gross ex boyfriends. It really hit home just how fast time flies, and all the clich├ęs that you roll your eyes at when your age starts with a ‘1’ become more and more painfully true when it doesn’t.
I whittled down concert tickets, signed uniforms, pub coasters, lanyards, alcohol merchandise (WHY did I keep all that junk?),  and classroom letters to one shoe boxed size set of memories. I reduced albums and albums of meticulously put together and captioned photos into another. Imagine if I had dedicated that time to something useful, considering I still looked at pictures thinking 'who the hell is that?' about random dudes. Goodbye sickening ex boyfriend photos!
I am loathe to make goals, let alone resolutions this year, as I just want to simplify, simplify, simplify. In that regard, 2014 is off to a great start.

Can I just say, I was loving myself sick in these old photos!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beauty: January empties

I can barely believe I'm writing this post, January is already over. Ridic.
A bit late but gee whiz I've had a lot on lately. I got home from a Brisvegas work trip late last night and so finished up early today so I could cuddle Marcel, drink some wine, and possibly lay prone in a bath later on. 

Cedel Dry Shampoo for dark hair
Holy grail dry shampoo. Have already purchased again

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
Already purchased this again as well. Love the new red top packaging. My go to daily foundation with MAC for night time full coverage. Just love it. 
Vaseline Total Moisture Dry Skin 
meh. Zero to report. Won't buy again. 

Biore Daily Detoxidy Scrub
meh again
Soz for the sideways photo. Whatevs, blogger you poo bum.

Lacura Skin Science Wrinkle Stop
Doesn't this look all technical in its syringe packaging? A total peer pressure buy from Aldi. Everyone else in the world besides me had seen this on Today Tonight so we did an excursion to Aldi where I felt compelled to buy one. No idea what it was meant to do but it wasn't bad. 

Sukin Organic Rose Hip Oil
Lovely product but I'll probably stick with Trilogy in future. 


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