Sunday, January 5, 2014

Beauty: December empties

A whole bloody year of tracking the STUFF that comes and goes from my beauty stash. Go me! 
I've found this process so great to look back on, and realise I It's also been great to remind myself what I've loved, and what to never buy again. 
It's worked a treat, and my Priceline visits are very, very sporadic these days. I did succumb to their 40% off skincare the other day (and walked out with some... not skincare) but in the past that was weekly, not once in a blue moon. 

During my mega pre Christmas clean, I tidied up my everyday makeup stuff. The before picture was NOT pretty. Gunk everywhere, forgotten bits and pieces, nightmare. It's now all back in a basket and easy to see. Some got chucked, which I hate doing, but it just wasn't getting used. More is on borrowed time. Other than that I didn't actually finish anything up in December. Happy beauty culling new year!

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