Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Summer 2013 essentials

After a not very cold winter and an all over the place spring, summer is here. 
I feel like I cheated the start of summer by having such amazing weather in Byron for three weeks, but the water is still a bit chilly where I live. 

I've decided to take advantage of working from home as much as I possibly can, while I can, so did today. I should take full advantage of where I live, and have a cheeky swim at that glorious window of time when it's super warm, but those summer north easterly wins haven't hit. Those winds are what separates the locals from the tourists, the tourists always seem so surprised when they hit! Clamouring for their towels, jumping on the hot sand to make a run for it. 

Here are the policy beep beeping their cute little jeep along the beach this afternoon. On a day like today, what a job! Apart form dealing with the people that is...
I consider myself a bit of a beach expert/ snob. I spend a lot of time there, sometimes three times a day in summer. Nothing better than a before work swim, an after work swim, and a cheeky one after dinner as the sun is setting and the beach is beautifully quiet. Here are my beach essentials:

Turkish towels
ZOMGGGGG how did I live without these? Thanks to my mate Gwyneth, who was selling them through her website at some ungodly rip off amount, I looked out for these when I was in Turkey and stocked up. Nowhere near enough, I should have bought those Turks out of them. The perfect beach towel, they're lightweight, big, dry you quickly, and don't get much sand stuck in them. Because god knows I have enough sand in my house at all times

Denim shorts
Not butt- bearing, no pockets hanging. These Lucky Denim ones are about 4 years old and have had it. I cannot for the life of me find any that are this great- dark denim, distressed with some fraying but not falling apart, flattering boyfriend style fit

YES! You need sunscreen! Nothing less attractive than roasted skin. I'm loving this Neutrogena Beach Defence, it is not very greasy and smells divine

This Helen Kaminski ones rules. I think it cost me $20 at a warehouse sale about 8 years ago. A straw visor is the perfect hat for me. Plenty of protection, but I can put my beach dreadlock hair in a topknot through it. I also have a fake panama I bought in Santorini that I pretend to be European in

Beach shirt
This one is from Sussan and it would be in my absolute must-have wardrobe pieces. I've had this one for years (common theme?) and it is probably the last summer this has in it. I tuck this into my shorts, or wear it to the beach alone because despite living one street from the beach, I don't want no one seeing my parts on the way

I'll leave you with some nice summery pics. Let's all quit work and sunbake all day. 

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