Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Beauty: November empties

Really not much to report this month. I have no idea why some months I have bins full of stuff and others barely finish anything. 

My linen cupboard is looking lovely and empty (compared to the start of the year) and I am planning a massive chuckathon over the Christmas break for whatever I haven't finished in my year of using things up, stay tuned!

Wipes- Biore and Yes! To Carrots
Biore ones were really thin and pretty useless. 
LOVED the YTC ones and will definitely repurchase. Am finally coming to the end of my wipes stash, only have a couple left. 

Rituelle Gardenia Body Cream
I bought this at a warehouse sale and don't like my chances of finding again, which is a huge shame. Gorgeous scent and feels lovely on. 
Butter London Nail Polosh
I'm pretty annoyed at the design of this bottle. There is plenty of product left, but the brush doesn't get low enough to get to it. I literally have to shake the bottle every time I dip it in. Frustrating, so out it goes. 

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