Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New in: basics and more camo

I lost my shopping mojo there for a while. The constant culling- ebaying, dealing with cray cray ebayers, relisting, etc got to me and sure as hell worked for my desire to shop. I've never been a retail therapy-er or a mindless shopper, but I still had so much stuff. 
Simplifying my life in all sorts of ways, not in the least with my wardrobe, has been a big success in 2013. I am definitely now seeing gaps in my wardrobe, especially in workwear, and I actually need to shop.

Every year when I get my bonus I usually buy myself something decent as a treat for a year well done. This year I just didn't have the urge. I tossed up Rockstuds, the Balenciaga studded sandals... but just didn't pull the trigger.

Even with the gift card we got on top of our bonuses, I still have a balance on it that I haven't spent. Unheard of! 

MBMJ Nylon Tote
Why have I not bought one of these before? The perfect gym/ get the papers on the weekend/ lug my life to work bag with the perfect size/ pocket ratio. Yes, that's a thing. 
J Brand mid rise rail jeans
I tried these on when I bought my Nudies a few months back and I had a tough time deciding. When Shopbop had a 20% code I also got these (and the MBMJ bag). 
Neuw Sister Ray boyfriend jeans
I bought these in Bangalow at my favourite shop probably in the world, Our Corner Store. A chair also made its way home with us from here. These are the perfect casual, ripped jeans, without being indecent because the rips are patched.  
Saltwater Sandals 
These were from the same shop in Bangalow, I basically stole the whole look of the girl that worked there. These are by far the comfiest shoes I've ever owned, and I am loving pretending to be a six year old in them. Every second person had them in Byron, but as I suspected, they aren't too popular in Sydney. 
Nike leggings in camo and stripe
Because I don't have enough camo in my life. When these arrived I paraded around in them and my camo Roshes, just to get a reaction from my husband. It worked. Both with codes from Asos. And believe it or not, I actually want to exercise in them!
Roxy Longjohn wetstuit
My favourite purchase of all! I feel like a proper surfer/ stand up paddle boarder. Well, not really, but at least I feel like I look like one. Bonus points that I get to keep the skin on my knees despite falling off my paddle board 238928 times a session. YES!
Typing this all out it seems like a lot, but this is every purchase I've made since August. Every one I adore, so this mindfulness thing is working a treat!


  1. Ooooh how do J brand and Nudie compare? I freaking love Nudies but everyone seems obsessed with J Brand so I'm tempted to try them.

    1. I love them both. The Nudies I have are not very stretchy, straight leg, dark denim. These J Brands are really stretchy, so really comfy. Not sure how they'll hold their shape/ if they stretch but I'm hopeful.



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