Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recently 2.10.2013

I'm baaaack. Did you miss me? Don't fib. I can't blame holiday for my entire absence, I've been back from Byron for a few weeks, but since my place looks like a bomb/ building site, blogging has not exactly been top of mind. 

I'll do some Byron posts soon (you'll have to suffer through them, I could talk about beaches and whales and coffees and beers forever) but suffice to say we had an awesome time. As did Marcel. We went away because we were getting our floors and outdoor tiles done, and sadly (ha!) our builder called while we were away and said they'd be a few more days, so we extended the trip a bit. Horrific!
The renos are nearly done, it seriously barely looks like we've touched the place, but nice to know our issues are fixed and our floorboards look awesome. Mr C has some painting to do inside and out, but is waiting on his mate to install our new air con. That wasn't part of the plan, but when they took the old one out to do the tiling, the bottom completely fell out of it from rust. Joys of living close to the beach!
So now we have a nice shiny new unit, that's tiny compared to the old one. I just heard 'something something kilowatts' and 'something something inverter'. All I know is it looks good. Well, in the box on the lounge room floor anyway...
The builders were there for a few days before we went away. We left a note asking them to put Marcel in the spare room to get him out of the way. Our builders were awesome, but apparently they didn't follow instructions...

In the world's most exciting news, I bought a new blender! Specifically the Biochef. I ummed and ahhed about a Vitamix, and for me a decision like this is ma-jah and I get so indecisive. When we were in Byron we went to the showroom that sells these babies and I was so impressed. Heaps sturdier than a Vitamix, really simple to use and at $399 it was half the price. Sold! They wee out of stock and I was so antsy to have it delivered. My whole office knew what was going on by the time the box turned up. 
So far I've made many, many green smoothies, hummus, dips, salad dressings and I've only had it a week!

Parkway Drive
Their 10 year anniversary tour got me through my first week at work! They played the Roundhouse, which is not my favourite venue, and it was PACKED and so hot but my god I love them. I thought the crowd would be a bit crazier, full of die hard fans as it was a special tour, but it was pretty tame. Good for old lady me. We were most definitely, 100% the oldest females there!
I do love seeing people's reactions when I tell them if I go and see them. Hilare!
Elle magazine
Given I'm guilty of not buying many mags any more, I can't complain about the state of the print market. Yet I'm so glad Elle has launched in Oz. I love Justine Cullen and was thrilled when she was announced as editor. It's taken me ages to get through (a good thing) and all the mags I bought on holidays/ got delivered while I was away have been untouched. 
Marcel was not that impressed with Ninja the French Bulldog appearing in the accessories shoot though...

Got my hair did. Do you think I'll ever be able to say "got my hair done" like a non-black person again? Probably not. It was soooo overdue. I basically had dreadlocks after 3 weeks of Byron sun and sand. The grey/ mouse blonde regrowth should go unmentioned. 
Here I am on the train on the way to a rooftop BBQ in Potts Point, like an actual young person who goes out at night and socialises. Hashtag bored selfie. 

It was not that bad to be back at work. Obviously being a stay at home mother to Marcel is preferable, but I can't complain too much. Coming back at pay review and bonus time was a win (well, for me, not so much for 'manager' me as it meant a shiteload of admin work and long, long conversations). We also all got a pretty generous gift card for our financial results last year. It is seriously burning a whole in my wallet and I don't know what to do with it. Any suggestions?
It was also my (gasp) 10 year anniversary, so I got some more gift card points, and my all-bloke team got me a bottle of Grey Goose. So yep, no complaints from me right now.

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  1. I just worked out who you look like! Deb from Dexter but a hotter version.
    LOVE the hair. My hair is something shocking at the moment. I haven't washed it in 6 days (I have had a shower, just so we're clear lol)
    Congrats on 10 years and YAY for bonus time - Mine unfortunately comes when I return from South America!
    Marcel is so cute. I want one so much!
    - KK x



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