Monday, October 14, 2013

Byron Bay: the eating

Of course the first thing I post about my Byron holiday is food. Prepare your eyes and your tummies to enter jelly overload. Mine did writing this post and I was there. Sob. 

Although every second person seems to think I went to Byron to smoke the marijuana for three weeks (seriously), probably the number on activity we partook in was eating. The food in Byron get better every time I'm there, and that's coming off a high base. For a mostly vego who likes to be healthy but reeeeeallly likes hot chips, Byron is the eating destination of choice, bro. 
Add in markets, road trips and the Sample Food Festival in Bangalow and by golly gosh it was a great few weeks. 

Let's take a trip down gastronomical lane. Soz if you've seen my food spam on instagram (not really). 
Stop number one: breakfast at Top Shop. This place is still the bomb, but it has a lot of breakfast and lunch competition with some new players
 A raw plate from Naked Treaties. This was a non hot-chip day, obvs.

Capsicum quinoa salad at The Balcony. I'd had a not great experience here years ago, but Mr C wanted to give it a go and I'm glad we did
A ridiculously good breakfast plate from the Sicilian stall at the Byron Farmers Markets. These guys do all the markets in the area and are a must eat
Obligatory green juice at the Byron Farmers Markets. Health, glowing, etc.
Breakfast sushi roll at Mullumbimby Farmers Markets. This would be my pick of the food markets in the area, purely for the amount of different stuff I hadn't seen anywhere else. Eg- breakfast sushi! I got a serious supply of hemp seeds from here. 
I don't remember exactly what this was, I'd had about 67 happy hour cocktails. But it was Mexican and delicious from Miss Margarita. Because I don't eat enough Mexican at home.  

The Sample Food Festival was everything I wanted and more. I had anxiety from trying to work out what to eat. All the big restaurants and food outlets had stalls, and we were narrowing down where we could possibly eat in our three weeks. Stress!!!!

Potato breakfast goodness at The Dip. Even for bottomless pit me, this was too big. 

My new favourite (sorry Top Shop) was The Roadhouse. Awesome atmosphere, excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner (we did each, several times) and puppy friendly.  

I could go on and on and on and on about food up there but I am already depressed enough so the end. 

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