Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Byron Bay: a dog lover's guide

If your life is as exciting as mine and revolves around your dog, you might be intersted in how dog friendly Byron Bay is. Buzzfeed recently read my mind about how I feel about Marcel, and they were dead right when they said dogs need R&R too. Marcel obviously leads a pretty stressful life. 
But seriously, it's so normal to me to take a dog on holiday, when they are a part of your family and you miss them enough not to go overseas for them, you want to make sure your trip with this is awesome.

Byron is definitely less dog friendly than it used to be, even since last year, and things have definitely changed since the first time I went there, oh, a thousand years ago. Gone are the days of dogs laying on the floor of the Rails in the dirt while their owners drank schooners and ate some of the best hot chips with aoili in the universe (me, the day I got engaged). The Beach Hotel is also now fully fenced and dogs aren't allowed inside the beer garden. They do hav ea doggie tie up station outside, but AS IF I would let Marcel out of my sight like that.

There are stacks of cafes with dog friendly outdoor seating. I felt like a sad enormous tourist the first morning we went to the Roadhouse and I asked if it was OK for Marcel to sit with us, and within 30 seconds 302345 local dogs turned up and sat there :///. Most of the cafes in town are puppy friendly outdoors and most adored Marcel, giving him lots of treats and water bowls. 

I found it super easy to find nice accomodation that's pet friendly through Stayz. We stayed in an awesome little place with a little courtyard, a two minunte walk to Johnson St. Lois the owner is super lovely, and when she came into town she met Marcel and loved him too.
We also stayed this time in a studio with a courtyard in Suffolk Park, and Fran the owner there was just as accomodating and lovely.

Byron has two huge dog friendly off leash beaches. Marcel was in holiday mode so much that we actually let him off leash most mornings in Suffolk Park on Tallows beach. Unheard of for our little pshychopath. Belongil beach is also off leash, but he outdid himself in town all the mornings we were there that we never needed to take him there this time around. 

I miss Byron. So does Marcel. 


  1. Love your Frenchie! And I'm loving the idea of a dog friendly holiday (I have a pug who loves road trips).

    1. Marcel says thank you! Puppy road trips are the best!



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