Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty: September empties

Very little to report here. Being away for 3 weeks in September, and my psycho need to take new stuff with me on holidays, meant I didn't finish much this month. 

L'Oreal Magique BB Cream
I usually avoid L'Oreal products at all costs with their naughty animal testing. This was given to me a while ago and I just got around to trying it. Waste not, want not. I used it on holidays and I used the whole tube while away- not very long lasting. 
The formula is really weird, going on a pale purple and 'adjusting' to your skin. There are much better, non evil BB creams out there. Wouldn't buy again. 

Napoleon Set Brightening Primer
I have no idea if the 'brightening' part works or not, I certainly didn't notice it. For a non prestige brand primer, I'd stick with FOA primer and not spend the extra $10 or so on this. 
Nivea Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
This was ok. Nothing special. Scent is very refreshing but just like any other face wash. 
That's it! Hopefully I'll have gotten through more of my stash in October. 

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