Monday, August 19, 2013

Recently 19.8.2013

My week in pictures. A work trip to Melbourne meant I did something other than watch the sun rise while walking Marcel, living the high life!
We also went to the Frenchie Fun Day yesterday. French Bulldogs as far as the eye could see. I will spare you more detail because I could go on and on. And on. I forgot to take many photos, I was having so much fun rubbing fat little piggy bellies.

Watching dolphins at the end of my street. I counted 70 and then lost it with excitement. Could watch them all day, and I almost did. 
A quick sundown beer and some nachos with Mr C before I headed to Melbourne. 
 Fresh shellac. Love this colour but it has not lasted at all. 
Bathroom selfie while at a work dinner. I was loving my messy hair sick after about 76 wines that night.
Mini baby bircher mueslis at the hotel buffet

Post-Melbourne piggery green smoothie. Don't you hate when your chia seeds and goji berries block your bottle opening? I'm aware of what a wanker I sound like, don't you worry. 
Post-Frenchie Fun Day Awafi stop. I was about 96% garlic last night
 Marcel getting his wiggle on this morning. Summer is coming people, there is light in the air!

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  1. This post made me laugh. After a crapstick morning, I needed that.

    I'm also loving your post 76 wines hair sick :)



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