Monday, August 19, 2013

Recently 19.8.2013

My week in pictures. A work trip to Melbourne meant I did something other than watch the sun rise while walking Marcel, living the high life!
We also went to the Frenchie Fun Day yesterday. French Bulldogs as far as the eye could see. I will spare you more detail because I could go on and on. And on. I forgot to take many photos, I was having so much fun rubbing fat little piggy bellies.

Watching dolphins at the end of my street. I counted 70 and then lost it with excitement. Could watch them all day, and I almost did. 
A quick sundown beer and some nachos with Mr C before I headed to Melbourne. 
 Fresh shellac. Love this colour but it has not lasted at all. 
Bathroom selfie while at a work dinner. I was loving my messy hair sick after about 76 wines that night.
Mini baby bircher mueslis at the hotel buffet

Post-Melbourne piggery green smoothie. Don't you hate when your chia seeds and goji berries block your bottle opening? I'm aware of what a wanker I sound like, don't you worry. 
Post-Frenchie Fun Day Awafi stop. I was about 96% garlic last night
 Marcel getting his wiggle on this morning. Summer is coming people, there is light in the air!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Things I hate about yoga: a 65 part series

One of my favourite ecards of all time. Soz if it offends. 

I have tried to hold my hatred in but I just caaaaan't any more. I don't go to yoga to get all zen and chilled and divine but a little bit would be nice. Are you still doing yoga if you want to go from downward dog to kicking the person next to me in the ear? Will I never be able to live in Byron Bay if yoga increases my blood pressure?

Allow me this self indulgent whinge because I can't hold it in any more. Or don't. I'm enlightened enough to allow you that choice. 
  • close yoga-ers. This may be my own personal space issues, but during an activity where you're kicking heels, jumping into positions, hanging upside down, do you really want to be able to see the hairs up someone else's nose? I am one of those annoying people that like to be in the same spot in classes, if not, no biggie, but if I'm there in time of course I'll claim it. On the weekend I was in my spot, next to the wall, and this couple plonked their mats behind mind and HERS WAS TOUCHING MINE. There was heaps of spare room elsewhere, why were our mats so intimate? What would you do? Move your mat or huff your way through the class?
  • broga goers. You know the ones, their footy coach has told them to go to a yoga class, so they come and annoy everyone else. Or just me. They giggle and snort their way through the class, always absolutely needing to stay in eye contact, and probably making fart comments at some stage. They elbow each other when a hot chick walks past, or worse, an old hippy looking dude. Don't be jelly that old dude can Bakasana like the best of them and you can't touch your toes....
  • competitive, speed ahead show offs. Typically middle aged women in lots of Lululemon or Lorna Jane. Generalising? Yep. The ones who have to show off their yoga knowledge by skipping ahead poses, usually getting them wrong (or does the teacher change them on purpose? Good). We get it, you're the best at yoga EVER!
  • Late comers. Actually this goes for every class. I remember there used to be a rule where if you got past the first song (or something) you couldn't come in. The last pump class I went to some chick came in throwing weights around and running to get things in the middle of the third song. Not acceptable. So annoying just getting into your groove and some huffer comes charging in
Ok enough complaining from me, I really felt the need to get this off my chest. Inhale, exhale....

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Byron Bay dreaming

The bad news? We're not going to Mexico like I wanted this year. Boo. The good news? We're going to Byron Bay for TWO WHOLE WEEKS in September. Yay. 

We're doing some renos at home and it will be easier if we move out, especially with terror Marcel, so who am I to argue with a forced holiday?

I've booked some pet friendly accommodation, with sunny courtyards for relaxing with my boy. Oh, and my husband. Bring on cocktails, health food, lighthouse walks and doing NOTHING. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

New in

As always, I toy with the 'look at all the cool shit I have' buy buy buy blog posts. But I did say I'd stay honest with my purchases and it has been handy when filling out my supernerd spreadsheet of clothes I own to look back and see when I bought stuff. And it's pretty. 

I've been again stocking up on stuff I need. Well, that my wardrobe needs and that I will wear a lot. 

Nike Roshes in black and camo
Did I need two pairs? Bloody hell no. I own a lot of sneakers for someone who works in an office. However I spend a lot of time walking Marcel. Justified? Hmm. But I wanted them, and I rarely buy stuff because I want it. The black pair were from Asos with 20% off, the camo pair I hunted/ stalked on ebay and finally pulled the trigger. I've been living in them on the weekends, they are ridic comfy and even the super cool lasses in Bassike commented on them, so I must be cool by association, amiright?

Bassike tshirts (yes more). Short sleeve navy & white, long sleeve black & white
Do I need more Bassike anything? No way Jesus, but with DJs cardholders getting about 92% off in the sales for these babies I did not say no, no I did not. The long sleeve is a heavy winter weight which I'm not wearing as much as the lightweight Ts, but it is softening up nicely. 

Leather a-line Country Road skirt
Purchased for a steal from ebay, from the 'vintage' days when Country Road had actual country roadish labels. The leather is delightfully soft and it fits like a dream. Call me a hypocrite, but I do feel better about purchasing second hand leather clothes, for what it's worth

Nudie Tight Long Johns
Before you ask, hell YES did I need new jeans. If you follow me on instagram (and why wouldn't you, I'm carlsb) you would have seen a delightful photo of my jeans with a lovely hole in the bum area. Apart from becoming a fashionable pair of shorts, pockets hanging out in the extreme, they are useless. They served me well though, having bought them in the US about 5 years ago and worn stacks. 
So on to the pain and suffering of jeans trying on. I toyed with buying J Brands online but I'm glad I didn't, I think DJs have had a price drop, because they seemed comparable? 
Anyway, it only took a few pairs to realise that Nudies were where it's at. WHY did it take me so long to buy these? WHY? Comfy AS bro. 

Zara navy & white stripe shirt, Zara white linen blazer
I swear I bought these just because I was at WBJ on a Sunday morning, and in the words of Mr C, was 'tolerable' Ha! So because there were no lines for the change rooms or registers, these came home with me. They're for work so they don't count. 

Phew! That is quite a few things. I've been slack in the ebaying part of culling, but my wardrobe is still looking really empty compared to this time last year. I'm also wearing everything in it, there is nothing languishing or even in the 'maybe' pile. This is progress. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beauty: July empties

This is more of a 'what I chucked out in July' post that an empties post. I HATE wastage but there were some things I just had to get rid of. When body lotion is making you cranky you know it's time to move on!

Palmers Cocoa Butter with Vitaman E
HATE. Hate hate hate hate. I was cursing every time I used this. Let me count the ways:
- hard to get out of the bottle. Seriously, even when full I had to bang it to get the product out
- does not absorb into skin AT ALL
- the smell... was not nice. It was maybe nicer in the 90s? It just didn't sit well with me, especially at night when I'd lay in bed and again cursing it
- it reminded me of Pamela Anderson. Who I normally have a lot of time for. But this made those memories sour. 

Ok, moving on...

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel
This was the only thing I loved this month, and was an iherb super cheapy, one of those things you chuck in to get your weight/ price ratio correct for postage. 
Smells lovely and was really soothing. 
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
Again, HATE. Hate hate hate hate. I ADORE the first Healthy Mix formula, but this is awful. Despite trying with different primers, brushes, sponges, fingers etc, it would just not stay on. Was like brushing mud all over my face. Avoid!

Urban Rituelle Gardenia perfume roll on
OK. Nothing special, wouldn't purchase again

Barry M Bronzing Powder
Firstly, how delightfully filthy is that container?
I think I bought this in London for a night out when I realised my normal make up/ foundation was not going to cut it with my mega Greek tan. Ah, those were the days...
But in reality, ie a Sydney winter, I've accepted it makes my face look like mud. Ah, should use with the Bourjois to really add to the mud effect. 

OK, end of my whinge. I do have a much emptier make up basket which is lovely. I am working through my priceline freebie products like a champion, there were some really good things in the last one. 


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