Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Recently 30.7.2013

This post contains post Frank Ocean no show depression. Be warned!

You know how I did that smug post about things calming down now the financial year had ended? I was wrong. Performance reviews are a punish, especially with a team you have just taken over and who could easily be feeding you a pack of BS. Maaaaybe now I can breathe. 

Mr C and I both had a free weekend this weekend and we mooched around and generally did nothing. Awesome. Lots of eating, no exercise and some super Sydney winter weather. Tops. 

Mr C and I had an organic, gluten free lunch on Sunday at The Forresters. KIDDING! We gorged on burgers and shnitzel. Not seen are the several beers. BUT in my defence this was at the end of a massive walk around Surry Hills and Darlo. Spent mostly reminiscing of good, debauched times around those haunts, and getting old. Lucky we're still awesome. 

I whipped out my suede Tods. They are so comfy and such awesome quality, I have had these for ages and will last forever. Memories of London rush back whenever I put them on my feet, and of me trying on basically every colour in the Knightsbridge store. 
Lots of walking this weekend (does not count as exercise with Marcel. Or ice cream). The water was just stunning, even for me who sees it every day. My insane husband is still surfing, wearing his thickest wetsuit, booties and a cap. He looks like a seal and I genuinely hope a shark will not one day think so too ://
Speaking of my insane Mister, he made a fresh batch of almond milk. It tastes amaaaaazing and all, but does he not realise he has ruined me for supermarket products forever?
I made a pasta pie. A PASTA PIE! Because those two things are not awesome enough alone. This was a bit annoying to assemble at first, but I got the hang of it and can't wait to make it again. Recipe here. And obviously looking a wee bit prettier. Bet theirs didn't taste as good as mine though. Boss. 
Also from the MPM kitchen were these Sesame and Poppyseed crackers. Kind of. I was missing a few things and chucked something similar together, had to roll them between baking paper but OH MY GOD they turned out good. I do not recommend making them, as these were gone in one night. Oops. 
Marcel and I practiced our car selfies. We aren't very good. I'm not even posing. Marcel isn't even in the picture. Another oops.
I saw my dream car hanging out at the end of my street. Mr C and I had one of these booked as a wedding car, til we hot footed it to Vegas, and not having it was probably my only wedding regret! Couldn't you just see Marcel in the front seat with me putting along in one of these?


  1. Hey Carls,

    I've just spent a good ten minutes reading through your blog... How have I never done this before? It's too funny!

    I spent yesterday in mourning about not seeing Frank. Despite a very delicious home cooked meal being served up to me, I noted that it wasn't pub food that we should have been eating before Frank.

    Why must life be so sucky sometimes??

    court x

    **favourite part of this post? your car selfies...

  2. Beautiful view, where is that? I'm off to Sydney in a few weeks (for work but hope to see a little of it)

    Love a Kombi van

  3. Winter surfing is the best surfing, because huge swells, and no one in the water. However the shark/seal factor is ever present! Hopefully the sharks in your neck of the woods are not into seals/are vego!



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