Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Recently 03.07.2013

Happy freaking EOFYS! I have crawled out of my end of June hole and seen the light! Mr C was more  amazing than usual, walking Marcel every morning and night (even in Sydney's torrential downpours) which meant I literally did not see sunlight for days on end. 
In my over it state last week, I was actually grateful for the GFC, because I really don't think I could have handled those hedonistic days before it, where financial firms went all out for their celebrations. My team had a quietish lunch on Friday, I finished up at about 9pm (after a 12pm start) because all I could think of was my bed and my dog. 

Anyway, whinge over, today I am working from home on a 'getting shit done' day. Never been so excited to hang washing out after 10+ days of consecutive rain. Here's what I've been up to. 

Judge away people but there is nothing better than coming home from a hard day slaving over spreadsheets and these legends taking me away to another place. Kidding about the legends part. Most of them are utter knobs and I miss the days of Amy Childs. Never mind, give me boobs and lashes and tans and mini puppies as an escape any way. 

The Great Gatsby
Finally got around to seeing this and I adored it. Sure it's cheesy (Leo cheersing anyone?), sure Carey and Leo the same in every movie for the last few years (plus Titanic of course), sure it's long, but gosh it's pretty. Am obsessed with the wedding veil she wore, which was only on screen for about a second and I can't find a pic of it despite much googling. The Tiffany jewels are to die for and it's very well done. No wonder it cost a thousand zillion dollars to make. 

I've become a yogi and am moving to India. Kidding. I have been going back to yoga for a few weeks now and am loving it sick. I first went back after a rough week hunched over a keyboard, and after a dancing class proved to me once again I'm not 16. Cries. 
Sadly I didn't read the timetable properly and it was Power Yoga. Ouch. Dripping in sweat and cowering in a ball afterwards, it didn't take long for me to want to go back. I had the mega shits for a while when I couldn't go straight back to the moves I was doing a few years ago when I was going regularly, but I'm slowly getting my flexiness back. See the move below (pigeon??), which I just got, albeit with my hands down. 

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