Sunday, June 2, 2013

Winter is here!

No May finished products post as some moron deleted the photos before posting them. AND I had a stack of finished this month too. Poo poo poo. But rest assured I am still working my way through my stash.  So much so I even avoided the Estee Lauder warehouse sale yesterday. I know, I'm impressed with myself too. 

The second day of winter has finally seen some weather winter wouldn't be a ashamed of. We managed to get our coffee and newspaper run in this morning before the heavens opened. It's FREEZING and raining, but is it weird that I am not minding it at all? Marcel is snuggled into my leg like the vibrating hot water bottle he is, my kitchen is going off with winter foods and my house is clean. Hallelujah. 
 Chicken pie. M for Marcel. Obvs. 
 Vegie stock
Oatmeal cookie muffin thingies. See that red tray? That's actually an ice cube tray and NOT fit for an oven. Cue lots of red melted plastic. Moron again. 
Fog fog foggy fog. Another of my fog photos from instagram was on the Daily Telegraph website. Fame. 
New ASOS geo print pants. Lots of LOLs from the boys at work about these. Up theirs. 
That's it, really. I should blog about the monorail pub crawl I went on last weekend so I appear to have some semblance of a life, shouldn't I? Stay dry dudes. 


  1. Oh no about your empties photo! I just posted mine for May.

    I love those pants and all the food looks delish!

    Happy winter :)

  2. OMG pie and veggie stock! Jealous..
    I tried making chicken stock the other day. I think I need to oomph it up a bit with some herbs. I'm such a stock making fail.



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