Thursday, June 13, 2013

Recent buys

Culling and wardrobe refining are the flavour of the month in blogworld, there is no doubt about that. I am reading a lot about people who are never buying anything again, have the perfect wardrobe, are so proud of their frugal ways and then turn around and buy 15 things on sale... 
I'm trying not to judge and realise that I am far from perfect, and I have a long way to go to get better at culling. 

I've sold 17 things on ebay in the past couple of months, and seem to constantly have items listed. The free listings means I just list things at a price I want and am happy for them to sit there until they sell. 

Anyway, there is definitely more going out than is coming in, and what is coming in is considered and needed. Well as much I need anything. 

I instagrammed my Pistols when I got them, and then they sat there on my bedroom floor so I could look at them. But with the sudden Sydney coldness they are getting a workout. 
Along with everyone else that owns them, I ummed and ahhed about the sizing. I ended up with my normal size, to accommodate my triangular shaped feet. They are maybe a smidgen too big, but with socks are fine. The next size down would have been too small. 
They are truly amazing quality, and are so comfortable. A cult item that is very deserving of their status. 

Even while exercising in Bondi on Monday I managed to make some purchases. The Lover silk shirt was on mega sale and I could not say no. The Homies tshirt I definitely didn't need. After the debacle of the 'What About Yves' jumper I ordered, was ridiculously massive, and returned, I wanted a little logo something something. I could seriously have bought everything in Tuchuzy, there stock is fantastic at the moment. 
This Trenery knit was actually very, very much needed.  The curse of the no winter warm clothes continues. The stripes will feel very much at home in my wardrobe. I very much need a coat of some description but nothing has grabbed me. Boo to winter clothes. 
I also bought a bunch of trackies, jumpers etc from the Bonds 40% off sale, but no one wants to see those, do they?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Long weekending- nightclubs, strippers, sunrise walks

The long weekend is over. Which I am almost kind of glad about given the size of my Saturday night. Let me take a trip down memory lane, the parts of it I can anyway, and reminisce of a time of shirtless men, terrible strip shows, tables at nightclubs and a lot of fake tan. 

My group of friends were soooo not the type to have a big Hen's do. I also wasn't (ha! as if!) So when a girlfriend from work invited me to her's I jumped. Hotel rooms, shirtless waiters, strippers, a table at Marquee... who could say no?

I'll include only photos with blurred faces. It's only fair. 
The table at Marquee. Having a table is the business. Someone to pour your drinks, no lining up for anything, security to keep people from touching you, space to dance, somewhere to put your bags and jackets, and a SEAT. Even with all that though... it's still a nightclub and people touch you a lot it's SO loud and the music was not great. The DJ was some guy I used to see in a dodgy local club when I was going underage. 
See those light up giant glow stick things on the table? Special people like us (ha!) got these and we had every random come up to us and ask for them, ask to buy them, etc. We had some guys offer to buy us drinks... despite having 5 bottles of vodka on the table... too funny. 
I'm aware of how old this makes me sound and I actually don't care a smidgen. I had a great time with awesome girls but gosh I'm glad that's a rare event these days. Give me Marcel and the couch any day. 
Me in the blur of the constant lights
The stripper... so so so bad. When he said ''girls, do you want me to take it all off?'' and we were all silent... awkward!
These guys however were awesome. We had two very attractive (I was shocked) guys to pour our drinks at the hotel. Not only were they hot and very attentive, but they were the BEST source of gossip. The things we learnt about Jen Hawkins' hens night!

Sunday I did not move off the couch, except to eat about 4 kilos of Oportos for dinner which Mr C kindly went and got me. I think that is true love, looking after your hungover partner, and not rubbing their faces in it.  

Monday, Mr C and I went to Bondi super early for a walk and for brekkie, and to take advantage of the gorgeous winter weather. And so I could sweat out .00001% of the toxins I consumed on Saturday night.

This is what photos of Marcel and I always look like. 
Kidding, it takes about 54 of these to get one of relative stillness. See those legs kicking and the evil eyes? Hmm. 
 Winter? No one told Bondi
Breakfast at Atlas. I was so hungry (clearly not enough Oportos the night before) and demolished my stack before I could take a photo. Always extra kudos to cafes who bring water for Marcel. Sweet thought, but of course we always bring water with us everywhere for him as he is MENTAL. 

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend x 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Winter is here!

No May finished products post as some moron deleted the photos before posting them. AND I had a stack of finished this month too. Poo poo poo. But rest assured I am still working my way through my stash.  So much so I even avoided the Estee Lauder warehouse sale yesterday. I know, I'm impressed with myself too. 

The second day of winter has finally seen some weather winter wouldn't be a ashamed of. We managed to get our coffee and newspaper run in this morning before the heavens opened. It's FREEZING and raining, but is it weird that I am not minding it at all? Marcel is snuggled into my leg like the vibrating hot water bottle he is, my kitchen is going off with winter foods and my house is clean. Hallelujah. 
 Chicken pie. M for Marcel. Obvs. 
 Vegie stock
Oatmeal cookie muffin thingies. See that red tray? That's actually an ice cube tray and NOT fit for an oven. Cue lots of red melted plastic. Moron again. 
Fog fog foggy fog. Another of my fog photos from instagram was on the Daily Telegraph website. Fame. 
New ASOS geo print pants. Lots of LOLs from the boys at work about these. Up theirs. 
That's it, really. I should blog about the monorail pub crawl I went on last weekend so I appear to have some semblance of a life, shouldn't I? Stay dry dudes. 


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