Friday, May 10, 2013

Recently 10.05.2013

Happy Friday night y'all! This week could seriously not have ended soon enough. The past couple of weeks have been full on, despite doing NOTHING, I mean nothing, at work today. Unless you count going out for a two hour sushi lunch. 

Listening to 
Daft Punk's newest tune 'Get Lucky.' Who isn't? Daft Punk + Pharrell +  Saint Laurent Paris in the film clip? Yes please. I was reminded today that they last toured in 2007, and that's when they were in Australia. I was lucky enough to be there and if they toured again I'd be there in a heartbeat. 

Lorde, a teenager from New Zealand. Her track 'Royals' is adorable and so so catchy. When I first heard it I told myself to ration it, as I imagine it's going to get a lot of radio play. Not sick of it yet though. 

The Place Beyond The Pines. I so rarely go to the movies these days, but Mr C and I couldn't see this soon enough. Apart from his dreamy good looks (so not usually my type but he is just... perfect), R Gos is  ridic actor. I didn't even notice that it's nearly 2 hours, it is so absorbing. The storyline is actually nothing like I thought it would be. 
Also, he wears a Metallica tshirt that I have in a box in the garage, so we're basically soul mates. 

Why did no one tell me Beach Burrito has a $20 movie and burrito deal? Will likely be seeing a LOT of movies. This is a bowl of chilli fries, that my fatso husband ordered after his burrito, and before his large popcorn. Chilli fries just make me want to go to America. Badly. 

Not sure what my highest rotation outfit says about my post-cull wardrobe philosophy. My MVP Bassike stripe heritage tshirt is probably the best value item I've ever purchased. My tsubi (pre ksubi) jeans are hand me downs from my husband, back in the day when they were available in one shop in Sydney and people used to stop him in the street to talk about them. Thank the fashion gods I didn't let him throw them out as I can't take them off. They are very, very close to falling apart though. 
Worn with Bonds jumper, Supergas and MBMJ turnlock bag. I really need to work on my mirror selfie stance/ facial, etc. 

Cudding/ sunbaking with
Marcel making the most of May sunshine. Bless. 

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  1. I don't know how to feel about this post. On the one hand I want to high five you but on the other I feel like my brain was stolen and then you typed this up. It literally is a mirror image of what I'm doing. Isn't the Daft album insane?? Non stop play all week. And my god, I still haven't seen this movie (too jealous of Eva still!) but I haven't gotten off my high from Drive. Did you see that one? And if you're ever in NY, sol burrito blew my mind. Will have to push them for some movie deals though ;)



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