Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My weekend- 21.05.2013

Happy Tuesday night all, I can tell this week is going to just fly by. I'm in head office for work all week and I'm already buggered. Perhaps I find being professional exhausting?

Here's a look back at the weekend:

Marcel is enjoying my new car. The higher seats seem to make him more settled, he can see out the windows. This is why mothers buy big, unnecessary 4WDs, right? He also seems to like the sunroof, anything for an extra sun spot!

The wardrobe cull continues! 15 more things went on ebay, amazing that what I can sell just doesn't seem to end. I'd like to say I was saving the money I've earned, but I'm using it (and then some) to fill my wardrobe gaps. I finallllly bit the bullet (lol) and bought a pair of Acne Pistols. I have only worn them once, on Saturday all day to a party, but I can already say they are the most comfortable heels I own. I debated what size to get and did think the 40 were too big when I first tried them on. Not that I could have returned them as Mr C destroyed the box the second my back was turned grrrrrr.....
But the 40 is def the right size, the 39 would have been too squishy on my triangle-shaped feet. 
The heels are quite high for me but I am just loving them, the quality is super. 

On Sunday Mr C and I went to Marrickville Markets. I'll preface this by saying it was PACKED. So many personal space violations. And a 45 minute wait for a gozleme, that was pretty average. But the markets are pretty good, a fair bit of different stuff you don't see everywhere. I didn't buy much besides some coconut incense, because there no such thing as too much coconut in your home. And the 3 lamb rolls Mr C wolfed down while I was waiting for the rubbish gozleme. 

Mr C loves nothing more than a ferret around a junk pile, that plus an overdose of lamb meant he was a happy camper. 

He brought me back a love-heart shaped coconut ball. Bless him. 

Sunday night we had cheese for dinner. Just cheese. I am actually shocked the delivery from the Bruny Island Cheese Club lasted until then. I'm also shocked that I'm married to a member of a cheese club. Kidding! I'd like to tell you about them but I'm still a bit cheesed-out and I may trigger PTSD. They were all delicious though, as was the mustard seed and pear compote that came with the cheeses. 

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  1. Marcel is so cute.
    Glad you like the Pistols - I also have a size 40 and I thought they might be a bit too big but were fine! and YES def most comfortable set of heels.

    MMM i feel like chocolate now. I am trying to sell my stuff on Ebay but I need some paypal verification that will come up with a code in my account blah blah? Because of my key words? Im still waiting for it!

    Actually, maybe its a scam? hahah.

    - KK



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