Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Real Techniques and a brush cull

I'm having a much needed work from home day today. In other words, a get shit done day!

I'm sure you'll be fascinated to hear I've done 4 loads of washing, listed another 17 things on ebay, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the dishwasher (that thing was seriously gross), vacuumed, mopped, given 2929 French Bulldog cuddles, taken myself out for Sushi Train, and finally cleaned and culled my make up brushes. 

My iherb order arrived at work yesterday with new Real Techniques brushes. If you haven't ordered from iherb before get on it! I have a discount code you can use: BOQ074. If you haven't tried RT brushes, these things are seriously amazing. I'd go so far as to say better than MAC and Bobbie Brown. In my order was the Eye Set, the Expert Face Brush and the Flawless Powder Brush. I love how the brushes are colour coded, even though I use them for other purposes, they clean really well and most importantly give fantastic finishes. I only wish iherb had the buffing brush available separately (rather than in this set) because I could do with another of those but don't want the whole set. 

This is pre-clean. Don't be alarmed! 

A lovely friend gifted me all my Bobbi Brown brushes and a couple of Mac ones. The rest are a mish mash of whatever has found its way into my bathroom over the years. 

I gave them all a good clean, but all I could really warrant getting rid of was:

  • Body Shop slanted eyeshadow brush. I use this for brows, it's seen better days and the RT eye set has a brow brush
  • Ecotools foundation brush. Too small to be a foundation brush for me (and my obviously big head)
  • Ecotools bronzing brush. I think my mum left this here and it's rubbish (sorry mum)
  • Bobbi Brown bronzing brush. I'm really hesitant to chuck this as it's BB but I have NFI what it does or what I'm meant to do with it?
I'll trial the eyeliner brushes I have and see which ones of those I can cull. 

My brushes are now all clean and pretty and in two holders, one for face and one for eyes. 

And this little Virgo is happy!

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