Thursday, May 23, 2013

Culling- the shoes

I am not a huge shoe person. Weird, right? I have just never seen the point, as:
  1. I am really hard on shoes and seem to wear through them pretty quickly
  2. For work I tend to rotate the same few pairs of black shoes- a couple of ballets and a plain heel. Walking through workshops, vacant buildings etc does not make wearing pretty shoes feasible
  3. My weird shaped feet count out a lot of pretty shoes :(
Recently I've spent a bit on some favourites, and can actually see the point of buying quality now. Which is probably a tad dangerous..

I didn't have a lot to cull, really. More of a tidy up. Getting the new loves of my life, Acne Pistols, spurred this one. 

This is where I've started:

I took my faves out for a play. Boot love!
(l-r) Isabel Marant Dickers, Acne Pistols, vintage grey leather with press stud buckles. I have had this pair for years (and they were around for years before that) but they are so similar to Chloe Susannas in design it's scary!

My favourite sandals, K Jacques. So comfortable. 
A vintage pair I will likely never wear, but I just didn't have the heart to cull. They are so ugly I find them beautiful, and crazy comfy for the heel height. 

Marc Jacobs bow wedges. I am contemplating culling these as I haven't worn them in a few years. But they are soooooo pretty. 

The culled. A couple of pairs of Bali sandals that have seen better days, a pair of pink ballets (what was I thinking????), a pair of Soludos that I just don't find comfortable, and a destroyed pair of Converse. 
Nothing better than seeing every pair lined up in order. Happy Virgo. 

1 comment:

  1. I love my dickers and pistols too - best purchases EVER.

    I've slowly but surely culled almost all of my pretty MJ heels - sure they are pretty to look at, but I would rather make way for a streamed lined wardrobe where everything I set eyes on is wearable. Considering I've been trying to get to this point for years now, I still have a long way to go. Need to win lotto... *sigh*



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