Monday, May 27, 2013

On grooming and organisation

Today was one of those rare days when I felt put together. My nails are done, my hair is blow dried, I thought about the makeup I put on. I’m wearing a silk shirt without creases, a sharp blazer and printed pyjama- style pants that two men commented on by 9am, confirming that I am not a ‘for men’ dresser. I feel good, because I look decent. Not bad for a Monday morning.
Being organised and being ready for the week is so easy to not do, but makes life infinitely better, and easier, when I do. Getting my lunch ready, making sure all my clothes are washed and ironed (or as good as), having my gym gear in the car ready for my workmate’s Monday night boot camp. I’ve had so much on these past few weeks that I really lost it in the organisation stakes. 

The clich├ęd Virgo comes out in me when I get like this and I feel anxious and panicky. Everything seems harder. Problems magnify. 

Where I'm at with culling has helped this so much. Yesterday I cleaned out my linen cupboard and the cupboard under the bathroom sink. This has been on my mind for weeks, as every time I'd open the door to get a towel, I was greeted with a pile of toiletries in a massive jumble. No longer. Walking past there this morning I was strangely satisfied. 

Today I feel so much more ready to take on the world. Let this be a reminder to myself.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Culling- the shoes

I am not a huge shoe person. Weird, right? I have just never seen the point, as:
  1. I am really hard on shoes and seem to wear through them pretty quickly
  2. For work I tend to rotate the same few pairs of black shoes- a couple of ballets and a plain heel. Walking through workshops, vacant buildings etc does not make wearing pretty shoes feasible
  3. My weird shaped feet count out a lot of pretty shoes :(
Recently I've spent a bit on some favourites, and can actually see the point of buying quality now. Which is probably a tad dangerous..

I didn't have a lot to cull, really. More of a tidy up. Getting the new loves of my life, Acne Pistols, spurred this one. 

This is where I've started:

I took my faves out for a play. Boot love!
(l-r) Isabel Marant Dickers, Acne Pistols, vintage grey leather with press stud buckles. I have had this pair for years (and they were around for years before that) but they are so similar to Chloe Susannas in design it's scary!

My favourite sandals, K Jacques. So comfortable. 
A vintage pair I will likely never wear, but I just didn't have the heart to cull. They are so ugly I find them beautiful, and crazy comfy for the heel height. 

Marc Jacobs bow wedges. I am contemplating culling these as I haven't worn them in a few years. But they are soooooo pretty. 

The culled. A couple of pairs of Bali sandals that have seen better days, a pair of pink ballets (what was I thinking????), a pair of Soludos that I just don't find comfortable, and a destroyed pair of Converse. 
Nothing better than seeing every pair lined up in order. Happy Virgo. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My weekend- 21.05.2013

Happy Tuesday night all, I can tell this week is going to just fly by. I'm in head office for work all week and I'm already buggered. Perhaps I find being professional exhausting?

Here's a look back at the weekend:

Marcel is enjoying my new car. The higher seats seem to make him more settled, he can see out the windows. This is why mothers buy big, unnecessary 4WDs, right? He also seems to like the sunroof, anything for an extra sun spot!

The wardrobe cull continues! 15 more things went on ebay, amazing that what I can sell just doesn't seem to end. I'd like to say I was saving the money I've earned, but I'm using it (and then some) to fill my wardrobe gaps. I finallllly bit the bullet (lol) and bought a pair of Acne Pistols. I have only worn them once, on Saturday all day to a party, but I can already say they are the most comfortable heels I own. I debated what size to get and did think the 40 were too big when I first tried them on. Not that I could have returned them as Mr C destroyed the box the second my back was turned grrrrrr.....
But the 40 is def the right size, the 39 would have been too squishy on my triangle-shaped feet. 
The heels are quite high for me but I am just loving them, the quality is super. 

On Sunday Mr C and I went to Marrickville Markets. I'll preface this by saying it was PACKED. So many personal space violations. And a 45 minute wait for a gozleme, that was pretty average. But the markets are pretty good, a fair bit of different stuff you don't see everywhere. I didn't buy much besides some coconut incense, because there no such thing as too much coconut in your home. And the 3 lamb rolls Mr C wolfed down while I was waiting for the rubbish gozleme. 

Mr C loves nothing more than a ferret around a junk pile, that plus an overdose of lamb meant he was a happy camper. 

He brought me back a love-heart shaped coconut ball. Bless him. 

Sunday night we had cheese for dinner. Just cheese. I am actually shocked the delivery from the Bruny Island Cheese Club lasted until then. I'm also shocked that I'm married to a member of a cheese club. Kidding! I'd like to tell you about them but I'm still a bit cheesed-out and I may trigger PTSD. They were all delicious though, as was the mustard seed and pear compote that came with the cheeses. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Recently 10.05.2013

Happy Friday night y'all! This week could seriously not have ended soon enough. The past couple of weeks have been full on, despite doing NOTHING, I mean nothing, at work today. Unless you count going out for a two hour sushi lunch. 

Listening to 
Daft Punk's newest tune 'Get Lucky.' Who isn't? Daft Punk + Pharrell +  Saint Laurent Paris in the film clip? Yes please. I was reminded today that they last toured in 2007, and that's when they were in Australia. I was lucky enough to be there and if they toured again I'd be there in a heartbeat. 

Lorde, a teenager from New Zealand. Her track 'Royals' is adorable and so so catchy. When I first heard it I told myself to ration it, as I imagine it's going to get a lot of radio play. Not sick of it yet though. 

The Place Beyond The Pines. I so rarely go to the movies these days, but Mr C and I couldn't see this soon enough. Apart from his dreamy good looks (so not usually my type but he is just... perfect), R Gos is  ridic actor. I didn't even notice that it's nearly 2 hours, it is so absorbing. The storyline is actually nothing like I thought it would be. 
Also, he wears a Metallica tshirt that I have in a box in the garage, so we're basically soul mates. 

Why did no one tell me Beach Burrito has a $20 movie and burrito deal? Will likely be seeing a LOT of movies. This is a bowl of chilli fries, that my fatso husband ordered after his burrito, and before his large popcorn. Chilli fries just make me want to go to America. Badly. 

Not sure what my highest rotation outfit says about my post-cull wardrobe philosophy. My MVP Bassike stripe heritage tshirt is probably the best value item I've ever purchased. My tsubi (pre ksubi) jeans are hand me downs from my husband, back in the day when they were available in one shop in Sydney and people used to stop him in the street to talk about them. Thank the fashion gods I didn't let him throw them out as I can't take them off. They are very, very close to falling apart though. 
Worn with Bonds jumper, Supergas and MBMJ turnlock bag. I really need to work on my mirror selfie stance/ facial, etc. 

Cudding/ sunbaking with
Marcel making the most of May sunshine. Bless. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Real Techniques and a brush cull

I'm having a much needed work from home day today. In other words, a get shit done day!

I'm sure you'll be fascinated to hear I've done 4 loads of washing, listed another 17 things on ebay, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the dishwasher (that thing was seriously gross), vacuumed, mopped, given 2929 French Bulldog cuddles, taken myself out for Sushi Train, and finally cleaned and culled my make up brushes. 

My iherb order arrived at work yesterday with new Real Techniques brushes. If you haven't ordered from iherb before get on it! I have a discount code you can use: BOQ074. If you haven't tried RT brushes, these things are seriously amazing. I'd go so far as to say better than MAC and Bobbie Brown. In my order was the Eye Set, the Expert Face Brush and the Flawless Powder Brush. I love how the brushes are colour coded, even though I use them for other purposes, they clean really well and most importantly give fantastic finishes. I only wish iherb had the buffing brush available separately (rather than in this set) because I could do with another of those but don't want the whole set. 

This is pre-clean. Don't be alarmed! 

A lovely friend gifted me all my Bobbi Brown brushes and a couple of Mac ones. The rest are a mish mash of whatever has found its way into my bathroom over the years. 

I gave them all a good clean, but all I could really warrant getting rid of was:

  • Body Shop slanted eyeshadow brush. I use this for brows, it's seen better days and the RT eye set has a brow brush
  • Ecotools foundation brush. Too small to be a foundation brush for me (and my obviously big head)
  • Ecotools bronzing brush. I think my mum left this here and it's rubbish (sorry mum)
  • Bobbi Brown bronzing brush. I'm really hesitant to chuck this as it's BB but I have NFI what it does or what I'm meant to do with it?
I'll trial the eyeliner brushes I have and see which ones of those I can cull. 

My brushes are now all clean and pretty and in two holders, one for face and one for eyes. 

And this little Virgo is happy!


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