Monday, April 22, 2013

RIP Chrissy Amphlett

It's been a week of tragic news. I have no connection to anything that's been going on but all week I've felt a sadness, and keep randomly remembering that a lot of bad stuff is going on. 

Hearing on the radio on the way home that Chrissy Amphlett lost her battle with cancer has hit home for me. Lucky I was in my car at the time, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. 

It's such a cliche, but I feel truly honoured to have seen her perform. The first time I was way too young to understand her appeal and just wanted to hear whatever hit was on the radio at the time. The last time, she commanded the main stage at Homebake like no one's business. Not conventionally beautiful, I think she was a goddess and a super, super sexy. I couldn't take my eyes off her. 

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