Sunday, April 14, 2013

Recently 14.04.2013

Firstly, how insane is this mid-April Sydney weather? I know I probably talk about the weather too much but it really has a huge impact on my moods. A whole Saturday and Sunday of endless sunshine and not much I 'have' to do makes for a happy lady indeed. Mr C patiently/ bravely/ naively took me and my paddle board out in actual waves (as in, not dead flat water) this morning. When I'm in the bay I paddle along at a cracking pace, not so much in waves, where I am lucky to stay standing for more than 30 seconds, or a couple of paddles. I have the grazes on my knees and elbows to prove it. Yeowch. 

Life got straight back into swing when we got back from Melbourne. About 30 seconds into my first weekday it started to feel like I needed a holiday ://///

I was very lucky to score some last minute tickets to The XX last weekend. I hadn't organised any as I didn't know if we'd be in Melbourne or Sydney, but consoled myself that I had seen them before. I am SO glad I went. The last time I saw them they were like dork, awkward, adorable teenagers. This time they are a proper musical force to be reckoned with. Stunning. I didn't even mind how much they changed up a few originals, which normally irks me. 

Daylight savings changed, which normally has me in a state of depression. But as a mother, getting up, and getting home from our walks in the dark was getting really old. Seeing the sunrise again makes up for the short afternoons. For now. 
I got back on a semi-healthy state of food intake, and back on the green smoothies. They make such a difference to how I feel, even with the whole health warrior movement crazies they seem to attract. 

Aaaand then I hopped off the wagon to go to the sort of newly renovated Al Aseel for a Lebanese feast. So different to last time I was there but the food was just as delicious. I then went and laid on the couch comatose and reeking of garlic for a while. I love when I ask for extra garlic and I get the shift eyes like 'oh yeah, SURE you're gonna eat all that garlic' and then I do. Ha. 

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