Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recent purchases

I debated in my big fat head about whether to post this, given I'm meant to be culling and simplifying my wardrobe. I think I have done a super good job so far this year to get rid of what is not 'me' and to only bring things I love and that I will get a lot of wear out of into my wardrobe. 

Country Road leaf print top. I seriously need to stay out of Country Road from now on. I adore this print and tried on the skirt and loved it. I just wouldn't wear it enough to justify buying it though, but the top I definitely think I will. 
I've been looking for a skirt like this for ages. Black ponte, long enough for work but comfy enough for the weekend. Country Road, again! 

Sportsgirl Animal jumper. I lived in a grey marle jumper last winter so will be nice to have a print version for something different. On super sale, I couldn't say no to this. 
Saint James 'Tolede' dress. Probably my favourite purchase because it was from the Salvos! Thanks Melbourne.  I adore their tops but didn't realise they made dresses. Absolute score. 
Thurley felt black Fedora. I couldn't find a decent fedora that fit my big noggin in stores but took a punt on this one on ebay and it fits like a dream. A lifesaver when I was in arctic Victoria. 


  1. Cute purchases. I nearly bought the leaf skirt but same as you, didn't think it would get much wear

  2. You know whats even more dangerous than Country Road? Country Road warehouse. Well, for me. Haha.
    Great purchases - Love the top and jumper! A grey one would be nice too and definitely wearable.
    I havent thought about getting a skirt that can be utilised as both work and play.
    You are really one with the brilliant ideas, arent you? :P
    - KK



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