Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Melbourne food

Since we spent 90% of our time in Melbs eating last week I figured it deserved its own post. 

1. Pizza at Bimbo Deluxe. Not as good as I remember but tasty and such a good place to rest shopped-out feet

2. Coffee and cake at Moby Cafe in Torquay. We waited foreeeeeeever for food but it was so nice sitting there it didn't matter

3 & 4. Pinxtos and a lot (a LOT) of vodka at Naked For Satan. On a Monday night the massive rooftop was packed. I'd go for the vodka, the awesome fitout and the rooftop, the bargain food is a bonus

5. Huxtaburger. HUXTFREAKINGBURGER. Had heard so much about this place, good and bad. We ate at 11:30am (don't judge) so there was no line. But oh my lord it was good. Mr C preferred other burgers but I am still thinking about it right NOW. Stupidly small servings of fries but I guess that just leaves more burger room

6. Silo By Joost. This is right up Mr C's sustainable, healthy alley but we both loved it. Insanely good sambo and lentil salad. The coffee, not so great. Lovely service

7. Mr Burger. This was one of the many food trucks my sister seems to have GPS tracking on and it delivered (boom tish). Mr C rated this better than Huxtaburger. I didn't but still devoured it. Awesome fries

8. Hellenic Republic. Been here a ridic number of times for a non Melbournian, but this time I had a voucher! Gorged on lamb, saganaki, risogalo, patates, you know, the usual. Always great. 

I'm hungry now. 

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  1. Nice work! I love Huxtaburger too, I miss living in the North purely because its harder to access the burger.

    Have heard so much about Naked Satan but haven't been.. yet. See above for the reason :-)



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