Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A week in Melbourne

I just got home from a run, a much much needed run, after a week of food/ wine/ cheese/ wine in Melbourne. It was so lovely to be there for more than just a fly in- fly out weekend or a 24 hour work trip. It was also great to have a car and we were able to check out areas I hadn't been to before.

The weather was insanely freezing. I packed so, so, so wrongly. It was 30+ here in Sydney and was also warm in Vic (or so they said, I have my doubts) the day before we left, and I actually laughed at Mr C when he suggested taking our ugg boots. Silly me. 

We took a trip down to Bells Beach for the Rip Curl Pro, which was awesome, even though tragically Kelly Slater wasn't surfing that day. I actually shed a tear it was so cold there and in Jan Juc, I don't know how people live in conditions like that! But it was definitely worth going, even for me who is waaay less surf-mad (except when it comes to Kelly Slater) than Mr C. 

My sister is living in Collingwood so we spent a lot of time there, where there seems to be a new cafe popping up daily. Despite not being a school teacher any more she still gets school holidays (biatch!) so we got lots of hanging out time. She is all over the food truck situation which we saw probably too much of! Mr C has only been to Melbs once before, so I was kind of playing tour guide to him,  in the CBD at least, which I know well from work. I can point out a good coffee!

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  1. Freezing? It was sunny all weekend and 26 degrees.......



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