Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Culling continues and a style shift

Yesterday was not a great day at work. Actually the last week or so has not been great for news in general. There is a lot going on in my head at the moment.
Last night I came home and was wavering between going for a run or drinking myself into an oblivion. Instead, I attacked my wardrobe yet again. It seems to be the thing to do at the moment!
I honestly thought I was getting close to the end of culling but boy was I wrong. Twenty three more pieces gone, to either Vinnies, ebay or binned (but only if they were damaged). I’m now down to 168 items. I know that sounds like a lot but it doesn’t look it at all. That includes EVERYTHING I own in terms of clothing. Belts, gym gear, pyjamas, trackie dacks for lazing around in. I’ve already earmarked things that are due to go if they aren’t worn but I’m wavering on. Which is surprising given how ruthless I was last night.
A lot of what has gone in the most recent culling rounds shows what a significant shift in style I have done. I seem to have come to terms with the fact that the corporate career I was avoiding is here to stay. At least for a while. I had a decent stash of vintage/ op shopped goodies that I was really holding onto. Being honest with myself I know that isn’t my lifestyle any more and I needed to let them go. I have held on to a few of my favourite pieces, but these are vacuum bagged and stored out of every day items. And I really am wearing a lot more of what I own.
23 items have gone out, replaced by far better, and hopefully far more frequently worn pieces:
  • Equipment signature shirt in bright white. I fear this shirt has ruined me for all future shirts! Want more colours! Want them all!
  • Bassike drawstring cotton pants have been ticked off my wishlist. So incredibly comfortable, I could have bought everything in the Paddington store the day I bought these.
  • The ‘What About Yves’ jumper I posted here
I did have a bit of a brain snap though, it seems I am still not immune to those. Last weekend I went to a music festival, and for some reason, a cheap leopard print cardigan seemed an absolute essential when it caught my eye at the shops. At $19.95 it’s not exactly going to break the bank, but I really can’t see myself ever wearing it and had almost immediate buyer’s remorse. You live and you learn.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beauty: April empties (and a purchase)

This post is a bit early because I'll be away for a long (4 day!!) weekend, and I don't think I'll finish much more between now and then anyway. April's empties are minimal, I think because I was in Melbourne for a week and using my travel bag of beauty stuff. I always keep travel-ish sized essentials in my travel cosmetic bag, because with work I can do short interstate trips with not much. I was getting sick of packing/ unpacking and carrying larger than necessary bottles. 

Sukin Cream Cleanser
Love this brand and everything is stands for. Every product I've used from Sukin has been really good. This cleanser removes make up and leaves skin feeling really clean, even though it feels super gentle. Will definitely repurchase.

Puretopia Glowingly Smooth Body Polish
I am guessing this was a freebie as I don't remember buying it. Great scrub and the smell is lovely. Really different scent, I wonder if it's the 'amazonian acai'?? Great natural product and good for waking you up in the morning.

Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle eye cream
I honestly have no idea if this does anything at all. Just feels like a thick moisturiser and doesn't really sink in too well. Wouldn't buy again. 

Cosmedics Potent Clearing Serum
One of those 'sucked in' purchases from a beautician. Not cheap and not really effective as far as I can tell. I would say my skin has been hugely better since using zinc cream, at about 1/10 of the price. This didn't seem to last very long, even though I barely used it it seemed to disappear pretty quickly. 

I was not immune from purchasing in April. Sad. Target had 3-for-2 on NP Set and I've been wanting to try these for ages. I did need a new primer and a translucent powder (for the Bourjois foundation that just has to be set) and who can resist a free glitter/ bronze eyeliner??
I did manage to resist the Priceline freebie bag though, so I feel like I've come a long way. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

RIP Chrissy Amphlett

It's been a week of tragic news. I have no connection to anything that's been going on but all week I've felt a sadness, and keep randomly remembering that a lot of bad stuff is going on. 

Hearing on the radio on the way home that Chrissy Amphlett lost her battle with cancer has hit home for me. Lucky I was in my car at the time, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. 

It's such a cliche, but I feel truly honoured to have seen her perform. The first time I was way too young to understand her appeal and just wanted to hear whatever hit was on the radio at the time. The last time, she commanded the main stage at Homebake like no one's business. Not conventionally beautiful, I think she was a goddess and a super, super sexy. I couldn't take my eyes off her. 

Pics from all over the internet

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Winter wish list 2013

Last winter, my first year working back in an office,  I struggled for work outfits. I struggled for winter clothes in general, because 2011 I bought not a single winter item, having spent a chuck of winter in Europe. But let's not go down that memory lane, lest I start quitting jobs and booking flights. 

I've put together a list of things I could do with for winter. I won't say need because let's face it, we don't really need much, do we?

1. New jeans. Luckily I held on to a pair of Lucky jeans I bought in the US that were a bit small on me a few years ago, because having lost a little weight they now fit perfectly. They are starting to show signs of wear and will need replacing pretty soon. My husband's old tsubi jeans (as in from their first collection) have served me well, but are not realllly appropriate for many places given their increasing holes and ripping. I have my eye on the Bassike Lo Slungs, but will also need less 'saggy' pair for work on casual Fridays. 
 2. casual pants. I am getting pretty over my J Brand Houlihans, which were an awesome investment given the amount of wears I have had from them. These Bassike ones look comfy and cute. 
 3. long sleeved tshirts. Again from Bassike, my Saint James one is looking a bit worse for wear and I cannot live (cannot!) without a long sleeved striped tshirt. 
 3. leather vest. I'm kidding myself that I would spend the $$$ on a Rick Owens one, but I think this would be a workhorse in my wardrobe. If I can find one comparable I shall buy
4. a new parka. My $12 Kmart puffer jacket that I bought in desperation in Canberra one weekend has been such a winner, and is probably at about .00001c for cost per wear. It is on the way out though, and something like a Barbour jacket, or these two from ASOS might do it

5. new casual sneakers. OK I don't remotely need these, I just want them. I can't stop thinking about Air Max at the moment! I really don't know how much wear I'd get out of them though. 
6. another pure want, this Comme Des Garcons purse is the cutest.
 7. finally, my latest purchase, a jumper from What About Yves. The second I saw these online I knew I had to have one. They are back available for order so I snapped one straight up. Can't wait.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Recently 14.04.2013

Firstly, how insane is this mid-April Sydney weather? I know I probably talk about the weather too much but it really has a huge impact on my moods. A whole Saturday and Sunday of endless sunshine and not much I 'have' to do makes for a happy lady indeed. Mr C patiently/ bravely/ naively took me and my paddle board out in actual waves (as in, not dead flat water) this morning. When I'm in the bay I paddle along at a cracking pace, not so much in waves, where I am lucky to stay standing for more than 30 seconds, or a couple of paddles. I have the grazes on my knees and elbows to prove it. Yeowch. 

Life got straight back into swing when we got back from Melbourne. About 30 seconds into my first weekday it started to feel like I needed a holiday ://///

I was very lucky to score some last minute tickets to The XX last weekend. I hadn't organised any as I didn't know if we'd be in Melbourne or Sydney, but consoled myself that I had seen them before. I am SO glad I went. The last time I saw them they were like dork, awkward, adorable teenagers. This time they are a proper musical force to be reckoned with. Stunning. I didn't even mind how much they changed up a few originals, which normally irks me. 

Daylight savings changed, which normally has me in a state of depression. But as a mother, getting up, and getting home from our walks in the dark was getting really old. Seeing the sunrise again makes up for the short afternoons. For now. 
I got back on a semi-healthy state of food intake, and back on the green smoothies. They make such a difference to how I feel, even with the whole health warrior movement crazies they seem to attract. 

Aaaand then I hopped off the wagon to go to the sort of newly renovated Al Aseel for a Lebanese feast. So different to last time I was there but the food was just as delicious. I then went and laid on the couch comatose and reeking of garlic for a while. I love when I ask for extra garlic and I get the shift eyes like 'oh yeah, SURE you're gonna eat all that garlic' and then I do. Ha. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Melbourne food

Since we spent 90% of our time in Melbs eating last week I figured it deserved its own post. 

1. Pizza at Bimbo Deluxe. Not as good as I remember but tasty and such a good place to rest shopped-out feet

2. Coffee and cake at Moby Cafe in Torquay. We waited foreeeeeeever for food but it was so nice sitting there it didn't matter

3 & 4. Pinxtos and a lot (a LOT) of vodka at Naked For Satan. On a Monday night the massive rooftop was packed. I'd go for the vodka, the awesome fitout and the rooftop, the bargain food is a bonus

5. Huxtaburger. HUXTFREAKINGBURGER. Had heard so much about this place, good and bad. We ate at 11:30am (don't judge) so there was no line. But oh my lord it was good. Mr C preferred other burgers but I am still thinking about it right NOW. Stupidly small servings of fries but I guess that just leaves more burger room

6. Silo By Joost. This is right up Mr C's sustainable, healthy alley but we both loved it. Insanely good sambo and lentil salad. The coffee, not so great. Lovely service

7. Mr Burger. This was one of the many food trucks my sister seems to have GPS tracking on and it delivered (boom tish). Mr C rated this better than Huxtaburger. I didn't but still devoured it. Awesome fries

8. Hellenic Republic. Been here a ridic number of times for a non Melbournian, but this time I had a voucher! Gorged on lamb, saganaki, risogalo, patates, you know, the usual. Always great. 

I'm hungry now. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recent purchases

I debated in my big fat head about whether to post this, given I'm meant to be culling and simplifying my wardrobe. I think I have done a super good job so far this year to get rid of what is not 'me' and to only bring things I love and that I will get a lot of wear out of into my wardrobe. 

Country Road leaf print top. I seriously need to stay out of Country Road from now on. I adore this print and tried on the skirt and loved it. I just wouldn't wear it enough to justify buying it though, but the top I definitely think I will. 
I've been looking for a skirt like this for ages. Black ponte, long enough for work but comfy enough for the weekend. Country Road, again! 

Sportsgirl Animal jumper. I lived in a grey marle jumper last winter so will be nice to have a print version for something different. On super sale, I couldn't say no to this. 
Saint James 'Tolede' dress. Probably my favourite purchase because it was from the Salvos! Thanks Melbourne.  I adore their tops but didn't realise they made dresses. Absolute score. 
Thurley felt black Fedora. I couldn't find a decent fedora that fit my big noggin in stores but took a punt on this one on ebay and it fits like a dream. A lifesaver when I was in arctic Victoria. 

A week in Melbourne

I just got home from a run, a much much needed run, after a week of food/ wine/ cheese/ wine in Melbourne. It was so lovely to be there for more than just a fly in- fly out weekend or a 24 hour work trip. It was also great to have a car and we were able to check out areas I hadn't been to before.

The weather was insanely freezing. I packed so, so, so wrongly. It was 30+ here in Sydney and was also warm in Vic (or so they said, I have my doubts) the day before we left, and I actually laughed at Mr C when he suggested taking our ugg boots. Silly me. 

We took a trip down to Bells Beach for the Rip Curl Pro, which was awesome, even though tragically Kelly Slater wasn't surfing that day. I actually shed a tear it was so cold there and in Jan Juc, I don't know how people live in conditions like that! But it was definitely worth going, even for me who is waaay less surf-mad (except when it comes to Kelly Slater) than Mr C. 

My sister is living in Collingwood so we spent a lot of time there, where there seems to be a new cafe popping up daily. Despite not being a school teacher any more she still gets school holidays (biatch!) so we got lots of hanging out time. She is all over the food truck situation which we saw probably too much of! Mr C has only been to Melbs once before, so I was kind of playing tour guide to him,  in the CBD at least, which I know well from work. I can point out a good coffee!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beauty: March empties

Soz for the absence dudes, but it seems I was not missed as I've hit 50 followers! Yay, thank you and welcome! I've just gotten back from a week in Melbun but apart from that I have no excuse. If you follow me on instagram (carlsb) you would have seen a lot of photos of food. I seem to have turned into a cheese ball, and looking at the photos it is well deserved. I'll post about that later.

Here's what I finished in March.

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion
Absolutely adore this stuff, as you can probably tell by the state of the bottle. Zoe Foster recommended it ages ago, and I remember having to try it because hair powder sounded so strange. It's fantastic for my 'fluffy bits' that I get after I've washed my hair. Currently contemplating whether to go back to the Estee Lauder staff shop and buy another of these, or try another brand. 

Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream
Noticed nothing with this product at all. Basically a thick moisturiser, which I don't see the point in paying extra for. Won't repurchase. 

Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wipes
Great wipes, skin feels clean but not 'tight' after using them. I have 292934 other wipes in my stash though so won't be repurchasing in a hurry. 

Dermalogica Precleanse
A product I never knew I couldn't live without til I tried it. Amazing at removing almost everything before you cleanse and feels amaaaazing on skin. MY first foray into a sort of oil cleansing method, love it. Will repurchase. 

Aveda Smooth Infusion
Another great Aveda product, this smells so good for your hair (if that makes any sense?) I am loving Morrocan Oil atm though so won't be repurchasing this just yet. 

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle treatment
Using these and coconut oil on my hair has it in pretty fab condition at the moment. Would be interested to see if I take these out of the equation would it make any difference. I have a stack of them though and want to get through them.

Maybelline The Falsies mascara
My new HG mascara, have already repurchased. There are so many variations of this that I accidentally bought a different one so we'll see how that goes. 

Nivea Sun Invisible Protection 50+
Ick. Smells like insect spray, awkward to spray all over, really greasy and runny. Won't be repurchasing. 

Schick Intuition Intense Moisture razor
Wouldn't normally include a razor pic here but had to warn you off these. HORRIBLE! Seriously feels like you get one shave out of these, by the time the moisture bar thing has worn down enough to get to the razor it feels blunt. Do not buy!


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