Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Recently 06.03.2013

A LOT has been going on lately. Kind of felt like I was drowning there for a bit, but that seems to have passed. 

I'll try and catch up in pics. 

I gave blood the other day. Of all the times I've given blood, this was the worst. The nurse was, let's say, not gentle, and it took a couple of goes to get it right. Yikes. 
I Bassike saled it up. I went on the Friday before work and it was manic. I got so much good loot Mr C wanted in and we went back on the Saturday, when it was deserted. Definitely worth going to and breaking my sale ban for. 

Marcel helped me check out my buys. 

I got my metal hardcore on and went to Soundwave. Blink 182 were a massive highlight and worth all the stuffing around for. I was in pain for days. I am not 18 any more. 
Here I am with a handwritten timetable all the way from London (a tradition that lives on despite the artiste not being with us). I was dying from humidity about then. 
Mike Patton got a bit chubs. I still love him and would totally go there, but when did this happen?

Mr C took us to a surfboard swap meet at Deus Ex Machina in Annandale. I went for the burgers. Here I am with The Beast being cool. 
And here he is totally out cooling me with surfing legend Bob McTavish. Mr C is a massive fan and we kind of used the kid to get a photo. Not ashamed. He was adorable and so lovely. Plus he liked my photo on instagram.  
 Mr C checking out some old boards. Ie, being in heaven. 


  1. oohh I wish I went to the bassike sale! I love the purple + yellow striped top (?). your godson is so cute! x

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