Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recently 13.2.2013

Is it just me or are the weeks really long at the moment? Four day work weeks would be great about now. Here's some stuff I've been doing lately, in between being stressed to the eyeballs with work. Ugh. 
  1. My friend Gem and I went to Luna Park for a gig
  2. Sadly Frenzal Rhomb weren't playing. Even though we heard from a friend they probably wouldn't, we were still sad to see this sign at the entrance. We have been seeing Frenzal together since we were 15, don't judge!
  3. The Descendents headlined and they were so so so good. Milo, the lead singer, is 50 but puts a lot of singers I've seen lately that are half his age to shame
  4. Knowing how ugh work has been lately, Mr C asked if I had any requets for dinner. His chicken schnitzel is always my #1 request. Quinoa flakes, home made chips and coleslaw. The BEST. 
  5. Got my hair did. I had last minute panic about maybe chopping it off but long hair is so easy. Apart from the bit where my dark blonde/ ranganess comes through and I need to re-darken it. So long and dead straight it is!
  6. My fave outfit at the moment. Can't stop wearing it. Country Road breton dress, Isabel Marant Dickers, Just Jeans leather jacket. So easy, so comfy


  1. oh my that schnitzel looks absolutely amazing! doesn't help that I'm starving at the moment.

    LOVE that outfit, anything stripes + leather is good in my books x

  2. Chicken Schitzel hmm why don't you up the party and do a parma? Get involved..

    Cute dress, I am also a huge fan of stripes :-)



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