Friday, February 1, 2013

Country Road: my A/W 13 picks

After doing my wardrobe culling and listing of everything in there, I could actually see some pretty clear gaps for key pieces I needed. Well, need in that way. 

A friend of mine has just gone back to working at Country Road, so I took advantage of her discount and scored these:

Some coated skinny jeans in black that I can dress up. A black silk, long sleeved shirt perfect for work or on the weekend with the sleeves rolled. A casual dress in thick fabric that I can wear away from my beachside suburb and not feel half naked.  

Winter shopping, consider yourself commenced. 


  1. oohhh I love that stripey dress! just perfect. I'm loving CR at the moment x

  2. Love that dress - may put that on the list once I come off shopping ban



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